Friday, 11 July 2014

1 Week Postpartum

Time for my 1 week postpartum update...

I'm a lot less sore than I was with Paige. I think this is mainly because I didn't need any stitches this time around. I did have a 1st degree tear but no stitches were needed. I am also a lot less swollen down below, maybe because he was so much smaller than Paige and his delivery was a little more controlled than Paige's was... Maybe a reason I didn't tear as badly too.

Everything went really well with the birth and we left the hospital 6 hours after. As a second time mum I qualified for this early release. I didn't feel right staying in hospital without Mark and Paige. It felt like our family was broken.

My uterus contracted down very quickly after birth. I had two midwifes feel my stomach and they both couldn't believe how quickly it contracted down, considering I wasn't breastfeeding. Speaking of breasts, mine were very sore and swollen on days 2 and 3 after my milk came in. After that they calmed down a lot. I am still leaking milk and can't quite remember when it stopped with Paige but I've heard it can be 7-10days before it dries up.

My weight loss... Straight out of the hospital I weighed myself and had lost 8lbs which I figured it would be around that number since Parker was 6lb 14oz. Its crazy to think that Paige weighed more than my initial weight loss with Parker. Over this first week I lost another 2lbs. By no means have I dieted and I never did when I lost all the weight from Paige. When the times comes I will just cut out unhealthy things and do some exercise. Although I'm not comfortable with my body right now I realize that I am only 1 week postpartum. My stomach muscles are also separated just like with Paige so I need to wait for  and help them to heal before I start doing stomach exercises but I need to enjoy my baby boy first. I fit into my fat jeans as I like to call them, regular skinny jeans just a size bigger than I normally wear. My maternity jeans are so much more comfortable though.

I did get new stretch marks but they don't bother me. I know they will fade over time just like the ones with Paige did. I mostly got them around my belly button this time with a few on my hips. I still have my linea nigra and the top of my belly button still needs to pop in a little more.

My heartburn is completely gone as are my aches and pains from being heavily pregnant.

3 days after birth

1 week after birth

It honestly still amazes me how quickly your body changes once you have given birth. It truly is amazing.

I feel pretty good for a week postpartum. A lot better than I did with Paige anyway. I still can't believe Parker is here!

Don't forget to read the birth story and Parker's 1 week update.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. amazing its fab to see how much your body changes after having a baby.

  2. How wonderful is this post! So glad to hear that you are getting back to yourself, and amazingly fast by the looks of it too! Not jealous in the slightest ;) xx

  3. It's amazing how our bodies bounce back isn't it?! I couldn't quite believe it after I gave birth! x

  4. I was always amazed at how quickly things happened after having a baby. Looking forward to reading your updates x


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