Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Parker at 1 Week Old

I can't believe that a week already passed. It's true what they say... second time goes so much faster and time flew by with Paige. It's defiantly different second time around. I feel very confident in looking after a baby and my healing has also being a lot easier and quicker but more about that in my postpartum update.

We are bottle feeding Parker and he is on Cow and Gate. We are using the Dr Browns bottles and a review will be coming soon. We are feeding him on demand however much he wants and however regular. I think it's very important during these early stages to be very much baby led and follow his needs. On day 1 and 2 he was drinking 1oz every 2-4 hours. He then went onto drinking 1-2oz every 2-3 hours.

He was born at 6lb 14oz and on day 5 was weighed again and was 6lb 12oz so had only lost 2oz which is amazing. Newborns normally lose a little weight after they are born and they are allowed up to 10% of their birth weight. The general rule is that they should be back up to their birth weight by the time they are 10 days old.

His cord fell off at 4 days old and he had his heel prick test done at 5 days old. One of the few times he has cried.

He is currently in size 1 nappies and wearing newborn clothes. They are quite big for him but fit really well in the length. He's just a skinny little dude!

Just like his big sister he is such a chilled out and calm baby. Not quite as chilled out as she was but still amazingly calm. He is also very alert and very strong already. He makes the same swan baby noises as Paige did when she was a newborn. He rarely ever cries just like Paige too. They are so very similar.

That's about it for the first week. He is doing amazingly well and we are soaking up the newborn stage while it lasts and loving every second.

Check out Paige's 1 week update.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola XX


  1. Congratulations Nicola, he's gorgeous and seems like he's going to be one chilled out baby!

  2. Why did you choose not to breastfeed?

    1. It just wasn't the right choice for our family. Paige was a formula fed baby and is perfect in every way. Each to their own :)

    2. It's none of your business what Nicola chooses to do with HER babies - you clearly have nothing better to do than troll..

      Nicola - your babies are beautiful. Please ignore such ignorance! You don't have to explain yourself or your decisions to anyone! :) xx

    3. Wow.....judgemental much? How sad for YOUR babies to be brought up around such a horrible person :(

    4. Who are you to judge what Nicola does with her baby? No one should do anything they don't want to. I personally breast fed and bottle fed my son but would never judge someone for their own choice!

      If it is right for Nicola and Parker, then it shouldn't matter to anyone else..especially someone who can't even be bothered to leave their real name!

    5. Why did you choose to troll anonymously I feel sad for your life!

  3. He is gorgeous, great photos! x

  4. Aw he's so cute! Lucky you that he doesn't cry much, Toby's a little screamer when he decides it's feeding time!xx


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