Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Parker at 3 Weeks Old

This week Parker has started to get himself into a little routine during the evening. He will wake around 5pm for some milk then sleep until 7pm. He will then stay awake until around 9pm then go down for the night. He will sometimes then sleep for 3 hours. He will then normally wake every two hours and have 2/3oz of milk each time he wakes. He is also still having that fussy period between 4am - 7am. He won't really settle during this time. During the hours where he is awake he is so alert and constantly looking around. He will also do little giggles in his sleep which is the sweetest thing ever. I remember Paige doing the same.

He is also so strong. His legs especially. If he is laid on his belly on you he will kick his legs and push off you to wiggle his way closer to your face. He will also stand on his legs if you support his weight.

He was a little constipated this week so we gave him half an ounce cooled boiled water which helped a lot. I tend to do this a couple times a day, especially as it's so hot.

He's such a little dude. Still fitting size 1 nappies and newborn clothes. His newborn pants are getting too short but 0-3m are defiantly too big around the waist.

His hair has started growing. He isn't really getting any new hair but the hair he has is growing especially on the top of his head.

We got him a new play mat this week which he loves. He loves doing tummy time and is really calmed by laying on his tummy.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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