Thursday, 24 July 2014

Review - Shnuggle Cosy Baby Bath*

A lot of parents to be like to buy baby baths for their babies. It's nice to have a one, a special place to bathe your baby while they are so small. Bath time can be a special time for a baby, a relaxing part of a bed time routine.


Both Paige and Parker have always loved the water so have always loved bath times. The Shnuggle  bath adds to this as Parker has somewhere comfortable to bathe and Paige can help mummy and daddy wash him. I love that she can help and feel included.

The Shnuggle bath has many different features that a lot of other baths don't have. First up is the material. Made from a soft and tactile baby safe foam. Both warm and soft to touch, the Shnuggle Bath is kinder to baby's skin with great insulation that keeps the water warmer for longer. The material is a super-strong polypropylene foam, which makes it extremely lightweight and very durable. This amazing polypropylene foam is about a 1000 times stronger than other foams like polystyrene. The bath also has special grips on the inside and the outside to help grip the baby and to help you grip the bath. There is also a handy max fill line on the inside of the bath as to not overfill it. Even with water up to this line the bath is still really light weight and easy to carry. Next is the bum-bump. The bum-bump is a specially designed bump in the bottom of the bath. This helps stop the baby from slipping and supports there bum. This is by far my favourite feature, I love it. I love that it keeps baby up right and safe. 

Overall this is our favourite baby bath that we have tried. I love all the design features that make it different from normal baby baths. Parker loves it too. He was happily sat in it for a good while and because of this special bath the water did stay nice and warm for him so there was no rush for my water baby to get out.
Parker outgrew the bath at 4 months. He is a pretty big baby at the 95th percentile for his age range. He also started to pull himself up to a sitting position while in the bath. We loved the bath while we used it and would recommend it to anyone!

The Shnuggle bath retails at £30 and is available in 5 pastel colours. It is designed for babies aged 0-6 months. Want to save 10%? Add code save10!

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He isn't bored of the bath I promise - hehe!
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  1. This looks good, we had a standard baby bath with Sienna and I dreaded bath time because it was so awkward and we'd always nearly drop her! This looks like a great option for this time round :) xx

    1. It really is great sweetie. I highly recommend it. They do some lovely colours too x

  2. Oh gorgeous! We just had the normal type with Tia and bathing her was honestly scary! Babies are so darn slippery! I'm 100% going to be looking at buying one of these for baby boy x

    1. They are so slippery!!!! They really are lovely baths x

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