Friday, 11 July 2014

Siblings - July

I've waited all year to join in with this linky. I love the idea of capturing siblings together in pictures each and every month. To see how they grow, change and develop their relationship. I want to capture this change between Paige and Parker the best I can.

Having a two year old and a newborn is amazing, the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the lovely newborn snuggles and also the playful side of a two year old. Watching their bond develop is already the most amazing thing even after just 18 days.

I LOVE these pictures of Paige and Parker. They aren't fancy by any means and were quickly snapped away before bath time and in the bath. I love the way Paige looks at Parker and I love his little arms reaching up, it truly shows just how small he is. And who doesn't love a kissing picture, hehe!

I can't wait to capture more moments between them and watch them grow up and get to know each other.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx
dear beautiful


  1. I adore the top photo how Paige is looking at her little brother full of love it's beautiful a photo to treasure forever

  2. Gorgeous pictures, can't wait to see more of your siblings posts in the future.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Oh how sweet. These pictures are adorable and look as though they are going to be ones to treasure! x

  4. Oh these photos are adorable Nicola, Paige looks like a doting sister already. You're right at the beginning of such an exciting journey, and I've so glad you've linked up with Siblings so we can see their relationship grow each month too. x

  5. What a lovely way to document it possum. They are both so lovely. xx

  6. Nicola these are AMAZING! I love them and what beautiful photos of your children. Does it feel weird saying children? I remember it feeling so weird hearing that. x

  7. Oh these might just be the most gorgeous siblings photos ever - they're just adorable and sweet and all kinds of wonderful and now my pregnancy hormones are kicking in so I shall stop gushing - but I truly love them!

  8. Absolutely beautiful photos, I bet you're so proud! x

  9. Oh yay!! You finally get to join in! Gorgeous photos, the sibling bond really is the most amazing thing x

  10. Beautiful photos, sometimes the quick snaps are the best as they really capture a precious moment whereas the staged ones look beautiful but don't necessarily have as much meaning behind them :)

  11. So adorable! I love taking photos of my girls - theres a 2 year age gap between my girls too. Except now my youngest is 2 years old and she will not allow me to take photos of them both together very often! haha x

    1. Awww, I bet. Paige can be a right terror sometimes when it comes to taking pictures x

  12. These photos are so precious!! I do adore that kissing one too! Parker is puckering up by the looks of him too! Boys eh, wee heartbreakers, lol! x


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