Wednesday, 16 July 2014

When Big Sister Met Little Brother

I had dreamt of this moment for so long. I couldn't even imagine how Paige would react to having a little brother. Yes, she had been around younger babies before and seen me holding them and wasn't too bothered. But us actually bringing a baby home was a whole different story.

While I was in labour my dad came over to watch Paige. It was midnight so all he had to do was sleep next to the monitor and listen out for her waking. Mark came home around 5:15am as my dad had to leave at 6am for work. Mark accidentally woke Paige up when he walked through the front door. We then decided that they would come visit in hospital around 7am after some breakfast and Paige's normal morning routine.

I laid in bed trying to sleep at the birth centre. Staring at our new baby boy and wondering what his big sister would think and how she would react. He was in the cot when she burst through the door. I still don't think that she properly understood why mummy wasn't at home or that she was about to meet her little brother. I saw her head pop around the curtain, that big smile came across her face as soon as she saw me, holding her Bear so tightly.

She didn't really notice Parker at first and we didn't push it either. We wanted it to be as natural as possible. For her to go to him in her own time, it didn't take long. Off she went to peer into the cot. She then sat next to me on the bed. I got Parker out of the cot and started telling Paige who he was. We had started using his name around her as soon as we decided on it with the hopes of it helping her to understand. Mark sat on the bed too and helped Paige hold Parker for the first time. This amazing look came over her face... Pride.

She was fascinated with him and still is. Each day she loves him more and more you can just tell. She asks to hold him, feed him and looks for him when she can't see him. She still mostly calls him baby but we will get there.

They shared there first bath together the other night... Paige loves bath time and it seems that Parker is the same. Both true water babies who were born in the water and are so happy there. He was wide awake the whole time and so alert, she was so happy and pointing out his features.

A truly heart warming moment.

In the end we never got around to getting a present for Paige from Parker. The day he was born Paige and Mark did go to Asda and she picked him out a little outfit, Mark said she wouldn't let it go. I don't think she would of understood that the present was from Parker anyway.

All we did was let her take her own time, we didn't try to push him onto her and just took her lead. A new sibling is such a big change but she is doing so well. We are so proud of our big girl.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Aww! How lovely to read! Gorgeous photo! x

  2. That photo is so cute. What a fantastic big sister Paige is. You must be so proud. xx

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Such an incredible moment! LP was at Little Man's birth although we got transferred to hospital soon after so I don't think she really understood until she came to meet him in hospital a couple of days later x

  4. this is adorable! i can't wait to see how C reacts to having a little sister. i think ill take your advice on not pushing it & keeping things natural :)

  5. I love this post!! I teared up coming down our street after the birth of Niall anticipating them meeting for the first time. Like you said you wait so long for that moment. You produce gorgeous babies I must say ;) xxx

  6. This is so sweet, my eyes just welled up! It must be quite daunting having baby number two for the reason of 'how will your first react?'. It sound's like you went the right way about letting your little girl meet her brother though - such a special time xx

  7. This is a lovely post. I'm nervous about how we'll introduce Arthur to his sibling and it sounds like you did it perfectly xx

  8. Cute!! I recognise that expression - Oliver looks exactly the same when he holds Harry (with help of course), they are so proud of their little brothers aren't they! Oliver calls Harry 'Baby' most of the time too, he only used his name if you ask him what the baby is called! xxx

  9. What a beautiful post! Love the photo, it makes you smile instantly x

  10. How lovely, she's an absolute credit to you hun xxx


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