Friday, 1 August 2014

3 Weeks Postpartum

Not a lot has changed with me this week. I've lost another 1lb so now have a stone to go until I reach my pre pregnancy weight. Although I doubt my body will look anything like it used to.

Just like last week if I do too much my bleeding steps up and my stomach hurts. I'm finding this quite annoying as I feel 100% normal. I'm trying to rest the best I can but with a toddler this is hard.

The tiredness is starting to hit this week and my skin is horrible. I'm breaking out a lot. I'm putting it down to the hormone changes that have happened since giving birth. My boobs have finally calmed down and aren't leaking constantly anymore which is nice.

I also had my hair done this week. I think I needed a little pick me up to make me feel a bit more confident and this really did the trick.
Other than that I'm feeling good and loving life as a mum of two.

I feel like recovery is so much quicker second time around. I think this is partly because I have Paige to run around after but also because the birth was better in the way that I didn't need stitches.
Hoe did you feel 3 weeks postpartum?
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


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