Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Parker at 1 Month Old

I have no idea how a month has passed already. It seems crazy to me that Parker is 1 month old.

This week he had his newborn hearing test and passed with flying colours. He was also weighed and now weighs 8lb 7oz which means he is now passed Paige's birth weight. She was 8lb 6oz at birth. He also feels heavy and I find myself wondering how I carried Paige in my belly as she was only 1oz less. You can defiantly tell that he is bigger. He looks so much less fragile and less like a newborn each day.

He wakes every two to three hours day and night. He is normally still a little fussy from 5am. When he is fussy we tend to tap him bum and that calms him down. When he is awake he is wide awake and loves looking around. We actually have a big picture of Paige in the living room and he loves staring at her! When she walks past him or sits next to him he will also just stare at her. He tends to do the same with me too... Ladies man!

He is so strong. He can lift his head clear and turn it from side to side. He also has very strong legs and will stand and push off them.

His hair still seems to be growing on top and around the back. He still doesn't have too much around the front. I think we got his first social smile this week. I smiled and him twice and both times he smiled back but he's only done it twice.

He still hated the swing this week so we decided to get him a bouncer which he loves!

  He is still a pretty chilled out baby, not quite as much as Paige was though. But he rarely cries and is generally really easy. 

Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. He is so adorable! It goes too fast doesn't it! xx

  2. He's so cute!!! Cant believe how fast he is growing :) xx

  3. Sounds just like my Freddie. He is 5 weeks and has the same waking pattern and waked every day at 4/5 naggy and unsettled until we tap his bum and Shhh him. Xx

  4. What a little stunner - one month already! Can;t wait until I have one of these myself later this year :))) x

  5. There must be something about 5am! He's so gorgeous!

  6. Oh bless him, one month old already! x

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  8. What color did his eyes end up being?


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