Friday, 29 August 2014

Parker at 2 Months

Another month has passed. They are still passing far too quickly.

Parker had his 8 week check this week.

Parkers check went really well. He now weighs 12lb 11oz. His head circumference is 40cm. The doctor was very pleased with both his weight and head measurement and said they are perfect for him. He checked his eyes, ears, hips, stomach and listened to his chest. Everything was perfect. He also said that he had amazing muscle tone and was very strong. Its always nice to hear that your child is doing well. He said there is no sign of eczema which is good news as Paige had it quite bad as a baby. I have noticed that Parker has a slightly flatter head on one side which he said that was perfectly normal and not near enough to cause a problem.

He also had two injections and 1 lot of medicine. He did so well with both, he drank the medicine like a champ and hardly cried at all for his injections. The first one didn't phase him at all but the second did get a tiny cry. I scooped him up and he stopped immediately. Me on the other hand took a few moments longer to stop crying. I'm such a wimp when it comes to my babies having injections, I was the same with Paige. Its so funny because when I need injections I'm fine. I can even watch them doing it and it never hurts. Mark on the other hand hates needles but he is fine holding Paige/Parker when they need injections.

This week Parker seemed to grow up so much. He can now roll over from his belly to his back which is crazy!!! I can't believe it, he was 8 weeks and 4 days old. He also hates tummy time unless he is in the mood but he will happily lay on his belly on us. When he does decide to like tummy time he will do a mini push up and hold his head up really steady.

His hair and eye lashes seem to be growing. I'm so excited to see what colour his hair ends up. Paige was so dark at birth and now is more light brown/dark blonde.

His sleep is getting more consistent now and he is settling a lot better at 5/6am which is nice. Mark hasn't had to get up early with him for a good few nights now. We found that bringing his swing upstairs helps settle him in the early morning but he doesn't always need to use it. He normally has a feed around 1:30am then 5am ish. He will then sleep until 7am.

He's getting so big!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


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