Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review - Degustabox July*

In this months box we received...

6 x Maggi Cooking Sachets – RRP £5.44
3 x Portlebay Flavoured Popcorn – RRP £2.37 (79p each)
 2 x Hornsby’s Blueberry Cider – RRP £2.50 (£1.25 each)
3 x Zeo soft drinks – RRP £3.87 (£1.29 each)
The Berry Company White Tea – RRP £1.49
Frank Snack Bar – RRP – 85p
Green & Black’s Lemon Bar – RRP £2.29
Dr Oetker Violet Crystals – RRP £1.29
Dr Oetker Eton Mess – RRP £1.99

We have tried one Maggi cooking sachet before so it was lovely to be able to try different flavours. I love the range you got meaning that we hopefully guaranteed to find something that you liked.

The popcorn was something I was looking forward too but I didn't like any of the flavours. I told you I'm fussy! Mark ended up eating them all and liked all three. He loved the Chilli and Lime. He said that the Maple Syrup and Bacon flavour was very strange at first but defiantly grew you on as you kept. I only had one try of this and honestly couldn't stand it. I think i'll stick to the normal flavours!

Mark tried the cider and I had a little taste. I do like cider but aren't a big drinker. Again I didn't like this and neither did Mark. We both much preferred the other flavours in the previous May box from Hornsby's.

The Zeo soft drinks were a lovely addition to the box and again I didn't like them but they weren't undrinkable. We don't tend to drink soft drinks very often but it was nice to try them and something that we wouldn't of tried otherwise.

The Berry Company White tea was sat in the kitchen cupboard until a few days ago. Both me and Mark kind of forgot about it to be honest. I'm not a fan of flavoured tea but this was actually really nice. Mark loved it too. It wouldn't of been something that I would of tried without this box so I am very happy that it was included.

The Frank snack bar was not our cup of tea at all. We both didn't like it and neither did Paige.

I hate dark chocolate so I didn't try the Green and Black's lemon bar. Mark tried it and didn't like it. The lemon flavour was quite strong and the smell put me off trying it.

Like I've mentioned in previous reviews me and Paige love baking so can't wait to use the Dr Oetker crystals and eton mess. They are perfect for cupcakes which we make on an almost weekly basis!

This was our third Degustabox and I am still very impressed with the boxes. Although this wasn't our favourite box I still enjoy trying the new products each month. Personally I wish the boxes had less drinks in them and more food items.

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What do you think of Degustabox?

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