Sunday, 10 August 2014

Siblings - August

Both Paige and Parker have changed so much since last month, Parker especially. He was only days old. Now he is 6 weeks old and is looking a lot less like a newborn.
This month I had imagined a lovely picture of them both laying together and looking up at the camera but as you can see from the picture above this didn't quite work out as planned. Parker was as good as gold but Paige not so much.
I still love this picture as it represents the stage at which Paige is at. She is learning about herself, what she likes and doesn't like. She hates her picture being taken unless she wants its taking. I have no idea how people get such amazing pictures of toddlers because it is hard work.
The above two pictures were the only half decent ones I managed. Paige was sat on the sofa and asked to feed Parker. She does this on a daily basis and even brings his milk to me. Most of the time it's when he is asleep or just finished a bottle but it's the thought that counts. She loves holding him and helping to feed him so the above pictures are actually quite fitting. I know that there will come a day when Parker won't stay still for Paige to hold him or when he will feed himself.

I can't wait to see the difference between these pictures and the ones next month. I want to remember these first moments as much as possible because as the days pass the tiredness tends to blend together in a happy but exhausting mush.

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  1. These photos are so cute and Paige looks like she's loving being a big sister! x

  2. The pictures of Paige feeding her brother are lovely! She looks so proud x

  3. Aww they're such sweet photos, and it's lovely that you've just let her be how she wants to be in the photos (though for the record, a little bribery has been known to be put to use for the really important photos in our house - not so much Siblings or Me and Mine, but the ones that are presents for Grandpa!)

  4. Ah so cute, she looks like a great big sister. I have to bribe Cherry to let me take a photo sometimes, usually if it's for my craft blog and I really need her to do it. She will still have a grumpy look on her face though! x

  5. Love this, it's great that she wants to help. I don't think I would be able to do this with my boy but he is helping me make the bottles by pushing the machines buttons x

    1. Awww bless him. It is lovely when they want to help in any way though :) x


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