Friday, 15 August 2014

The Last Summer Holiday*

As a mum it is very important to take time out for yourself. Whether this be having a long soak in the bath or having a night out with friends it doesn't really matter but a break it always good. It can sometimes be quite overwhelming looking after little children all day, at least I think it can.

My own mum actually lives about a two hour drive away. This makes it hard when we see each other and when she sees Paige and Parker. She tends to only see us for an hour or two at a time with a couple months gap in between which is understandable with the distance between us. She came to stay with us when Parker was a newborn and we recently went up to visit her but with the babies around we can't always spend that much quality time together.

Me and my mum actually get on really well. We like the same things and listen to the same music. We used to be really close and although she moved away that hasn't really changed, we just change the things we do when we do see each other to suit Paige and Parker.

On holiday
Before I had Paige we would regularly go on holiday and have trips away. My favourite was down south to Weymouth. I was actually 7 weeks pregnant at the time. While we were there her partner drove us up to London for the day. We grabbed some lunch and went to The O2 to see Kylie. It was lovely to spend the whole day together doing something fun and different. My mum had never previously been to London so it was that little bit more special. It was also the last time we went away together, the last time I was on holiday before becoming a mum and the last holiday before my mum moved away. A lot changed after this summer holiday!

I do hope that sometime in the near future we can go away together again. Of course it won't be the same taking two children but that's not a bad thing. Maybe we can drag Mark along who could look after the children while we go shopping again and have some quality mother and daughter time.

Its funny how things change.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx

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