Monday, 1 September 2014

2 Months Postpartum

I still can't believe that i gave birth two months ago! It's gone so fast. Too fast.

So I haven't done a postpartum update since Parker was
three weeks old. This is mainly because nothing much had changed. I'll be completely honest... I've tried to eat better and have success with that during the week then the weekend comes and I tend to fall off the wagon and put weight on. I then spend the next week getting off the weight that I put on over the weekend and the cycle continues. Not anymore!

I'm not being super strict with myself anymore as it just isn't working. I'm still eating better but if I want a chocolate biscuit I'll have one. Everything in moderation!

So in my 3 week postpartum update I had a stone to lose. I now have 9lbs to lose. I'm doing to do a full post when I reach my goal weight explaining how I've done and the exercises Im doing. I actually weigh less this time around than I did with Paige at the same time.

But here is my belly at 8 weeks postpartum. As you can see I still have the mummy pouch but hopefully in the next month it will be smaller and slightly more toned.

I'm also fitting back into my pre pregnancy jeans but although I can do them up I won't be wearing them yet as they aren't that comfortable yet. I'm starting to feel much more comfortable in my body even though I still need to do a lot of toning that will come.

I've had an 8 week check up with my doctor and everything was fine. I got him to check my stomach muscles as I thought they were separated and they are. It isn't as bad as with Paige as I've tried to pull them back together myself already. But they are very very weak but that's something I am working on.

My periods have returned which is fun... Not! Haha. My skin is up and down. My stretch marks are still quite red. I'm not using anything on them (I should really) but I didn't with Paige and they faded with time. They don't bother me. I still have my linea negra and I think I will for a few more months to be honest. With Paige it stayed for a while then all of a sudden it washed away. I think it has to do with hormone changes.

I'm slowly working on everything and I will get there in time. It took me 9 months to grow my beautiful boy so I'm giving myself at least 9 months to lose the weight and tone up. I would like most of the weight off by Christmas though. I'll do another update at 3 months postpartum :)

How did you feel at 2 months postpartum?

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. You look fantastic to me! Those 8 weeks have flown by x

  2. You look amazing Nicola! I still have the Mummy pouch and I am 18 months post partum! ;) x

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