Monday, 29 September 2014

My Essential Newborn Products

Now Parker is 3 months old I wanted to share my top newborn/baby products with you. A lot of things vary for different people, but these are a few of the things that I have found particularly useful.

A car seat is a huge essential item for a newborn. It's normally the very first thing that baby goes in to bring them home from the hospital. They protect your newborn from day 1. You can also invest in ones that convert as your child grows or have ones that attach to prams to form travel systems which are also a big must have for me.

Muslin squares are a lifesaver with a newborn and baby. They are a multiuse product and really do come in handy. They can be used as burp cloths over your shoulder, blankets, swaddles, cover ups and to wipe dirty mouths. With Parker we have used muslin for just about all of the above. My favourite thing to use them for as burp cloths, because they are so big they over nearly all your clothes and protect them when you are burping baby over your shoulder or across your knees. We still use Paige's muslin cloths now and she is nearly 2 and a half.

A bouncer was something that we never had with Paige. She had a swing that she loved but Parker would never really settle in that so we got him a bouncer. He loves it and still uses it now. They last up until baby is around 6 months so you get quite a lot of use out of them. Its also really handy to have somewhere safe to place baby while you tidy up or cook tea and they can still see you which is lovely as they love to look at mummy and daddy.  They are also nice if you have older children as it keeps them safe, off the floor and out of the way of energetic toddlers running around.

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A baby carrier or sling is something that I have found very useful this time around. I had the Baba Sling with Paige and saved it for Parker and have loved using it. He is a bit of a clingier baby than Paige was and loves to be close to me so with the Baba Sling I am able to have him close but also have my hands free to play with Paige or tidy up. We also use the sing when we go on family walks. It means we don't have to cart the pram around and I get an extra little workout because I'm carrying the extra weight.
For us a baby bath is also an essential item. With Paige we never really used one but this time we have loved ours and Parker has too. Its nice to have a safe space to bathe him and not have to worry that Paige will get a little too excited in the bath an hurt him. It is also nice that Paige can help bathe Parker and when the baby bath is placed on the floor it is very easy for her to reach him and help.

What are your top baby essentials?

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Love this list! If I were to have another, a decent travel system, baby carrier and muslins would definitely be on my list! x

  2. S is nearly 7 months and we are still using muslin cloths so I'd definitely say they are a must have :) we also had a car seat that clipped onto our pram which was a life saved when she was newborn! Xx

  3. You can never have too many muslin cloths!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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