Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review - Maizy Cat Litter*

This may seem like a random review but we do have a cat and she is how my blog first started. If you are a newish reader then meet Millie Sophia (yes she has a middle name).

Millie is an indoor cat which means that she has a litter box. This is a closed box with a lid and a door that swings open so she can get in and out. This helps keeps the smell locked away and means that little fingers can't get inside.

We were sent the Maizy Cat Litter to try out. This is different from many other cat litters as it is 100% natural and is made from puffed sweetcorn.

The cat litter is

  • 100% biodegradable & earth friendly
  • Ultra absorbent, fast clumping, traps odours
  • Low maintenance & cost effective
  • Flushable & compostable
  • Has no nasty additives or perfumes
    All these are definite pros in my eyes. It is very absorbent and does trap odors well. It is probably the best clumping cat litter we have ever had which makes it super easy to clean.

    You only need to completely change the litter every 2-3 weeks and when you do it is super easy. There aren't any huge dust clouds like with other litters which means you aren't breathing it all in which is great.

    The litter is available in two sizes which are 12 and 24 liters. These cost £10.99 and £19.99. This is normally more than we pay for litter but for the amount you get, the quality of the 100% natural product it is great value. Also because you only have to completely change it every 2-3 weeks the bag also lasts a really long time.

    Millie is like part of the family and defiantly deserves the best and this is the best cat litter there is!

    Thanks for reading,

    Nicola Xx

    *Disclaimer- We were sent a sample of cat litter for the purpose of this review*

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