Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Siblings - September

I love doing these posts. I don't really take pictures of Paige and Parker together everyday, normally because Paige hates posing although she is getting better. Parker is now 10 weeks old and changing everyday. I love already how different each months pictures are.

Paige and Parkers relationship is growing daily and just gets cuter. As he grows bigger, is smiling more and cooing he becomes more interactive with Paige. She absolutely loves it. She is forever bringing him toys to play with and still loves to cuddle him.

These pictures are some of my favourite of these two together so far. I was actually just playing around taking pictures of Parker and Paige asked to be in the pictures too, I obviously wasn't going to say no.

I love each of these pictures for different reasons. The first I just think is gorgeous. In the second I love the way that Parker is smiling and the fact that Paige has her eyes closed. The third just screams crazy children to me. They are both smiling.. Paige's smile is a little crazy but that is her all over.

I still find it strange that I am lucky enough to be a mum to these two gorgeous babies who look so very similar.

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Aww just look at those smiles! They've definitely got a sibling similarity, and they're both incredibly cute too!

  2. Aww they are so cute. They look so alike too.

  3. Adorable smiles they both have! Kitty hates having her photo taken most of the time - makes me up my cunning game! x

  4. Gorgeous pics :-) Oliver is TERRIBLE for posing at the moment, I'm hoping my siblings photos will get better once he's a bit more willing haha! x

  5. Gorgeous photos, they look so alike! :) xx

  6. So cute! In the first year of a baby's life they change so much so it will be fab for you to look back and 12 months worth of these photos and they do look so alike! x

  7. These are photos you and they are going to want to keep forever!

    1. Oh I do already! I hope they like them when they are older x

  8. Oh they are just so cute together! x

  9. Omg these are absolutely gorgeous photos! I can't believe how smiley Parker is already! xx


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