Friday, 26 September 2014

The Pressure To Potty Train

Sometimes as a parent we are made to feel pressured by other parents. You sometimes can't help but compare your child. It may be how many words they can say, colours they know or how well they sleep. The other main thing is potty training. You hear of miracle children who are potty trained at 14 months and start to panic. At least I did. 
But I trust in Paige. I trust that when she is ready she will let me know. I'm open to the signs and I am looking for them but she isn't quite there. She tries bless her and each month she gets that little bit closer. But she isn't even 2 and a half yet. The average age for potty training is 3! We still have a good 8 months left. 
With something as important as potty training you don't want to rush them. They will get there in there own time. When they are ready. If your friends little girl/boy is potty trained at 14 months/ 18 months or just before there second birthday then that is great for them. But that doesn't mean your child should be or will be the same. 

With Paige we got her a potty at around 20 months. Not because we thought she was ready but because I didn't want her to be scared of the potty when it was time. This way she had months to come around to the idea. Months to get to know the potty and she did. She played with it, put her toys in there and even wore it as a hat. But surely that's part of growing up and learning what the potty is for. Slowly we started to tell her what the potty was for. You can pretty much guarantee that she will wee in the bath so when she did she started to understand what she was doing as she would be mostly stood up when it happened. If she didn't wee in the bath we'd sit her on the potty after. Sometimes we were lucky and caught a wee and even a poo. We made a huge fuss of her and she loved it. We try where possible to make the potty a good thing, a happy thing that gets praise. 

At 28 months she still doesn't know before she needs a wee or poo. She tells us after every poo when she's had one and is starting to tell us after a wee but it's a slow process. I know that one day it will click. I just don't know when but I know it will happen. 
When it does i will be waiting with the potty in one hand and some carpet shampoo or a mop in the other! 
Did you feel the potty training pressure? 
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx 


  1. I definitely don't think you should rush it, like you say you know when she is ready. I think we worry so much about doing things at the right time or at the same time as other children in our friendship groups- but she will do it when she is ready. Mads was potty trained at 26 months because she was ready, but I have no doubt LL will be a lot later than that. At 19 months she is hardly saying a word so I very much doubt she will be ready then! x

    1. It so crazy how even siblings can be so different yet we compare children that aren't even related. Paige wasn't really saying loads at 19 months either x

  2. I agree, you shouldn't rush it. We tried with LP at 26 months purely because her best friend was potty trained and I felt an element of peer pressure. Also with her starting preschool days after her third birthday I didn't want her to be the only one in nappies. Thankfully for us it worked but I know that next time it could be a bumpier journey for us! x

    1. Awww, i'm so it worked out for you. Paige is slowly getting there :) x

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