Wednesday, 15 October 2014

1 Million Views

When I first started my blog I started writing about Millie, my cat, and some beauty bits and bobs. I only did that for a few weeks then found out I was pregnant with Paige. I then didn't blog for a few months while I got over my morning sickness. I started again in January 2012. I blogged about my pregnancy and I love looking back on those posts. Since then I've blogged about Paige (a lot) about our wedding, about another pregnancy and about Parker and our life as four.
I never could of imagined the amazing things and people I would meet through blogging. Some I now count as my closest friends. 
And yesterday I hit 1 million blog views.
1 million.
I can't believe it.
The fact that people want to read my random words is amazing. I may not be the biggest blog or have the best stats or ranking but none of that matters. Even if there was no one reading I'd still be here. On my little space of the internet writing about our life and enjoying every second. 
Blogging with two children is hard work. It's hard to find time. Throw into that sleep deprivation and I've hardly blogged at all this month. I feel a little cheated that I've reached 1 million views in one of my quietest month since I've started blogging. 
But I am thankful.
Very thankful to everyone that has ever read a post or commented. Thankful to all the amazing people I've met along the way, the opportunities I've had and the companies I've worked with.
Thank YOU!
Nicola Xx


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