Monday, 20 October 2014

29 Months Old

This month was a big month for Paige. She started nursery! I honestly can't believe it. She goes three mornings a week and has settled in so well. We haven't had any tears at all and she gets so excited when you ask her if she wants to go to school. Whenever we drive past she always wants to go. I'm so excited that she is going, of course I miss her but she gets a few hours a week when she can play with other children, paint, draw, get messy and play in a huge sandbox. While I can be at home with Parker and enjoy some one on one time with him which was a very rare occurrence before. It also means that while she is out the house I can get the housework done and while she is at home we can play and spend time together.

With Paige going to nursery she has become a lot more tired which is understandable but she still refuses to nap. She is very tired on an evening after nursery and we have moved her bedtime. She is now in bed and more or less asleep by 7pm. Her wake ups have also being a little off this month. Normally she would wake up between 7-8am and normally she would have a lie in on a Saturday. Now she is waking up between 6-7am and normally wakes up screaming for me or Mark. She comes into our bed and will watch peppa or something until we get up. I am very much dreading the clocks going back and the 6am wake up turning into 5am!

She is constantly talking. Like all the time. She never shuts up! Her words are becoming clearer every day and she is getting so much more confident. It's so lovely to have proper convocations with her. Her last molar is finally through so she officially has all of her teeth!!

This month she learnt to pretend yawn. No idea why but she loves it! Probably because of the amount of times a day that I yawn haha.

She still loves painting, puzzles and baking. She asks to bake so much and loves it probably more than anything else right now. She also bakes at nursery so that gives me a little break and means I don't eat a thousand cupcakes every week.

She will be 2 and a half next month!!!!

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. She's such a cutie! Beautiful hair too :) I'm glad she's enjoying nursery. My little boy has recently started, and he's 3. But he's not sure about it just yet!

    Tess x

  2. Aw she is so lovely Nicola and getting so grown up now. :)

    Alex |


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