Tuesday, 14 October 2014

First Time in A&E

Parker isn't even 4 months old and we've had our first trip to A&E.
Yesterday I went in the shower like I do every morning. Paige was at nursery so I laid parker down on the floor on his changing mat with a toy. He has a little cold so the steam really helps unblocks his nose. Just before I got in he started crying. I picked him up and comforted him but just thought he was tired (we had a rough night). He settled back down, I had a shower and got dressed. We went downstairs, I got some breakfast and then I got parker down for his nap. Everything was fine. 

He woke from his nap around 9:15am. Something caught my eye. I looked at his fingers and saw two blisters. His last three fingers were red. I quickly took him over to the tap and held his hand under the tap. After a few minutes I placed a wet piece of kitchen roll over instead of the tap. He was wiggling around too much. I dried it and wrapped some cling film around. I gave him some calpol just incase he was in pain but he seemed fine.
I tried to call Mark and couldn't get through. I was now such a mess. Crying my eyes out. Mark came home at 10am on his break and I was still crying. Parker on the other hand was the happiest he has been all weekend! He was giving Mark the biggest smiles ever. I took the cling film off for Mark to look. The biggest blister had popped. Now I worried about infection so I phoned 111. They were so good and told us to pop to A&E so they could have a look. 
Two hours later and we were back home. They cleaned and dressed his hand. It took two nurses and me to do it but we got there eventually. They said there won't be any lasting damage and it won't scar so that is amazing news. He was so brave. He was smiling at all the doctors and nurses. 
They are checking his hand in a couple of days and will re dress it if its needs it. So for now we have to keep his hand from getting wet. 
He is perfectly fine and I don't even think he's noticed. I am a mess and feel so bad that this happened. He wasn't even close to the radiator and I have no idea how he got to it but he couldn't of done it anywhere else.
I can tell that he is going to keep us on our toes!
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx 


  1. Oh Nicola, thats so scary, but I'm glad he's okay. It's so horrible when something is wrong and you just can't work out what, or how it happened. And I swear its 100 times worse for mummies than for the babies, who just seem to go on like nothings happened. x

  2. Oh dear... These things happen. They're little rascals! Xx

  3. How scary! I'm glad he's ok!
    Kids like to give their parents a scare don't they?!

    Tess xx

  4. Aww! Bless him!
    So scary for you....They do like to scare us don't they x

  5. Oh hunny you poor thing. These cheeky monkeys certainly keep us on their toes! Glad he is ok x

  6. So glad Parker is okay, I felt awful the other day because I nipped Toby's finger as I cut his nails and made him bleed. Your little man is such a trooper!xxx

  7. Awww bless the little fella it's so difficult to tell if they are in pain :-( glad he is all sorted now nice to get pice of mind :-)

  8. Aaw! Bless him he looks so happy in that last picture. My youngest had both his hand wrapped in bandages when he was 10 months old after picking up a hot cup of tea. Horrible feeling when our children hurt themselves, glad your both OK x

    1. He was. Awww bless him. It really is, you wish it was yourself instead don't you? Thank you x


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