Friday, 17 October 2014

Parker at 14 and 15 Weeks

14 weeks 

He has defiantly found his hands this week. He is constantly chewing them. I'm surprised how much of his hand he can actually fit in his mouth!
He slept from 9-6:30am which amazed both me and Mark. Sadly it was a one off but at least we know he can do it which gives me hope hehe. Apart from that one night his sleep is quite bad. He is normally up 5 times a night. He doesn't always want feeding though. I think its the start of the 4 month sleep regression a little early.
We had our first little tiny giggle. He sounds so funny. It still like he doesn't quite know what to do so such a strange sound comes out but its so cute. He also smiles as soon as he sees you. It's lovely to get that reaction as soon as he sees you.  
He hates to sit and will always try to push off his legs to stand up. I remember Paige going through a similar sort of stage. He is really good at sitting by himself though. Paige mastered that around 4 and a half months and was pretty confident at 5 months. I wonder if Parker will be the same?

15 weeks 
His sleep is still rubbish. We normally have wake ups at 12,3,5 with sometimes 2 and 4 thrown in for good measure! Very tiring. I actually had to start asking Mark for help because it was killing me. I like to do the night feeds on my own because he has to be up for work. He will also fight going to sleep at night and nap times. He pretty much has to nap on me or he won't sleep. He is such a happy little boy unless he is tired. Then he is such a crabby bum, very much like me in that sense! We are having to rock him to sleep as well or he just doesn't go. I defiantly think he is having the sleep regression now as he was always so good at self soothing and naps.
He is starting to get into toys  more. He loves grabbing them. He also loves the jumperoo. I think its the noise and lights he likes! He doesn't stay in it for long though.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but he does have cradle cap. I always keep meaning to mention it and always forget. he's had it for a few weeks now. Paige had it too but because she had a lot more hair you never really saw it.
I can't believe he is almost 4 months old!
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. He is so gorgeous Nic and has the most beautiful eyes! I cannot believe he is 15 weeks already! x

  2. Just to give you hope - at 18/19 weeks, Harry's sleep finally appears to be heading back to where it was before - he still doesn't sleep through but he never has yet! He is now back on two wakings, one at 10:30 and one at 3am. So hopefully the end is in sight for both of us :-D xxx


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