Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Parker at 4 Months

4 months old and a third of the way to 1 year! Crazy. 
Parker is getting so big and so strong. He's mostly in 3-6m clothes but he is outgrowing them fairly quickly and does fit 6-9m. He weighs around 18lbs. He's quite a big baby just like Paige was and still is. 
He loves to suck his thumb. I've tried to give him a dummy as you can wean them off a dummy whereas weaning them off sucking their thumb is harder as it's always with them. But he isn't having any of it. A dummy will calm him but he won't fall asleep with a dummy like he does his thumb. Speaking of falling asleep... His sleep is a little better. He normally wakes up 3-4 times but has had the odd night where he's just woken for a feed at 5am which was lovely. He has 3-4 naps a day. He normally gets tired two hours after he wakes up. His naps are nearly always 45 mins long unless he's cuddling you then he will sleep a good 1-1.5 hours. 
He loves the jumperoo. He particularly loves the little lizard. He grabs toys and is really starting to get into them now. He also loves putting your hand into his mouth and playing with his feet. 
He smiles all the time! And is finally giggling a bit more. Only daddy can get proper giggles out of him so far though. Apparently mummy is only good for cooing. 
As soon as you lay him down for some tummy time he rolls straight over. He will occasionally lay on his tummy though. He tries to roll over from back to tummy but gets half way and just stops. 
He loves to sit and is pretty good for a just gone 4 month old. He will also pull himself up to sit if he's propped up on your knee or in his baby bath. I think it's time to say bye to his bath as he's getting far too big for it. 
He's drinking 5oz at a time now although he drains them so I think we should move him to 6oz. He will have a 6oz before bed though. I think he's having a bit of a growth spurt as he will drink 5oz every 2 hours through the day. 
He's had his last lot of injections now until he is one which is good. He hardly cried and didn't have any side effects. 
He also had his first trip to A&E as he burnt his hand on the radiator. You can read all about that here

Thanks for reading,

Nicola Xx


  1. Ah he is so beautiful Nicola and I cannot believe he is 4 months- that is crazy!

  2. Glad Parker is sleeping better! How quickly are our babies growing - a third of a year?! Eeek!


  3. He is literally in the same routine as Thomas, with the waking at night and naps. I've completely forgotten how to get them into routines and how many naps they should be having though! xx

    1. Parker is so unpredictable... last night he woke once! At 4 months they should be having 3 naps I think but Parkers are so short that he needs the extra one. xx

  4. Nicola, you have captured him beautifully. He's a real looker!

  5. Oh he is getting more gorgeous by the minute! x


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