Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Naming Our Children

When it comes to choosing your babies name it can be a difficult task. 
Before we even had Paige we had two names picked out for our future children. Like a lot of couples do we had discussed names and found a couple we agreed on. One for a boy and one for a girl. 
These names weren't Paige and Parker. 
They were Jacob and Isabella. We had no idea how popular they were about to get thanks to Twilight. So when we did get pregnant our name choices changed. Not because we didn't like those names but because we didn't want a hugely popular name. 
We wanted a name that people could spell and knew of but one that wasn't very popular. I didn't want another 10 people in the same class at school to be called the same thing. 
Just like a lot of couples we spent the whole pregnancy discussing names and couldn't agree on anything. We knew the sex of each baby by 20 weeks so this made picking a name a bit easier as we only needed one each time.

Both Paige and Parker were names we loved for middle names. In the end (as you know) we used them as first names. We were always looking for names when we had two perfectly lovely names straight in front of us it just always took us a while to notice them.
Paige actually came from the TV show Charmed. I am slightly obsessed and one of the characters is called Paige.
Paige fit the list we had. It wasn't super popular but most know how to spell it. Her middle name Ellen is actually my grandmas name. I love that it's a little different and I think it goes with Paige really well. I also love the fact that Paige is my grandmas first great granddaughter.
Now for Parker. Parker is my maiden name. Since we knew were getting married I knew that my maiden name would soon be a thing of the past. We wanted to incorporate the name in some way and the easiest way was to have it as a middle name. It never really dawned on me that we could use Parker as a first name. I think Mark mentioned it once but I never really considered it. Then one day I was speaking to my mum about baby names. We liked the idea of using a family name but we never loved any of the male family names. My great grandads name was Smith and I then loved the idea of using a surname as a first name. And so Parker sprung back to mind.
We mentioned the name Parker to a few people in our family. Mainly parents, just to see what they thought. Not everyone loved it but we did! 
I think at first it was a bit of a shock. It isn't a very popular first name but that doesn't matter. In fact that's what we wanted. We always get the question... Oh is Parker his first name? When we say yes I normally explain that it's my maiden name and then people love it because it has meaning and history.
James is Parkers middle name and at first it was a name that both me and Mark didn't particularly like. It's an ok name in itself but its so common. But we think it fits perfectly with Parker. Parker James has a lovely ring to it. We love calling him PJ for short.

Our Paige and Parker
I love the names Paige and Parker. I really hope that as they grow up they will love them too. It was quite a coincidence that they both start with a P. It wasn't intentional and to be honest we had reservations about whether we wanted both names to start with a P.
I have no idea what the future holds. If we will have another child or not. And if they do will they have a P name. We will just have to see.
How did you pick your child's name?
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. I love how they came to have their names! Toby was simply a name we both loved but his middle name is Christopher, which is my Dad's name. That was my only stipulation!xx

  2. Names are so tricky, and I think they feel like such a big responsibility when you are pregnant; thinking this baby will have the name you choose for their entire life. We changed our minds a lot the first time around with BB and ended up coming full circle to the name we had always loved for a boy (but we managed to make ourselves a bit unpopular by not passing on a family middle name... but it didn't go with the first name, and we figured that was more important. With BG her name was picked out really quite early on, however we really struggled with boys name when I was pregnant with her, so its a good job she turned out to be a girl.
    I love Paige and Parker's names. Like you say, unusual enough to not be common, but not wacky either. And its lovely that they both have an element of their names which has special sentimental value. x

  3. About 5 years ago I sat and watched Despicable Me, a character in this film is called Edith and I immediately fell in love with the name! My husband also liked it which was a bonus so we put it in the 'name bank' for when it was needed. We liked it because we didn't know another Edith and we hoped it would never be a popular name. I love her name and I like the fact we don't hear it at all. Nice to know she'll be the only Edith we know! The name was also made special when we found out my grandma's mum's name was Edith! :)
    Ps I am obsessed with Charmed still watching reruns on E4 and I too had all the charmed names in our 'name bank' :)

  4. I love hearing the story behind people's name choices. Both of ours are names we liked. Athena Kathryn and Troy Alexander. We chose Troy because it was the only name we could find that went well with Athena! x

  5. This is something I blogged about just the other week I think it was one of the hardest tasks we had!


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