Friday, 28 November 2014

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Me and Mark got engaged in early 2008. We always planned to get married sooner than we did but money was a big factor. Weddings can be so expensive. In 2011 we finally had a bit saved up and decided to go ahead and start planning. We then found out we were expecting Paige and plans got put on hold. Fast forward to 2013 and we decided to try again. It took us a matter of months to plan the wedding. We didn't want anything huge and we didn't want a huge fuss. We just wanted to be married. We found out we were pregnant with Parker a matter of weeks before the big day but it didn't matter. I wouldn't be that far along so people wouldn't notice. 

Fast forward a year and we've now been married for 365 days and have an extra member in our family. 
They say that some of the most stressful things in life are getting married, moving house and having a baby. We've done that in the last year. I'd like to think that the next year is a little more calm and we can enjoy each other. 
Our card from Paige
The day of our anniversary came and we didn't have too much planned. We had planned to go out for a meal but with Parker not sleeping well we decided to give it a miss as I don't think either of us would of lasted until the end of the meal. Paige was at nursery during the morning so mark dropped her off and came home with bacon sandwiches. We then opened cards and presents. Part of my present was a drawing of one of our wedding pictures with our first song written over the top, I loved it! We then headed out the door. Mark has a surprise for me. We ended up in Leeds and in Primark. Primark is probably my favourite shop and Mark told me to just go wild so I did! This was the second part of my present. Paper is traditionally the first present for a wedding anniversary hence the picture and the paper bags from Primark. Like always when you have money to spend barely anything catches your eye but I didn't pick up a few pieces, ok a lot of things. After we drove home and collected Paige from nursery and headed to Costa for some lunch. Next was nap time and some food shopping in the afternoon. We actually love food shopping as a family, is that weird?! 

Tea time came around and we had pizza and some family over. We chatted, played with the kids and then put them to bed. After we played some good old board games and just had a bit of fun. 
The day was full of family, giggles and yummy food. Just like our wedding day
Here's to the next year! 
Thanks for reading, 
Nicola xx 


  1. What a year for you! Congratulations and Happy anniversary to you both x

  2. Happy anniversary! It's fun to read about your adventures and wonderful gifts. I am in love with the picture and song. Be still my heart! <3

  3. Happy anniversary! What lovely thoughtful gifts, I wish I could go wild in primark haha. Oh and we love shopping as a family too, don't worry haha :) xx

    Emily and

  4. Happy Anniversary lovely! That year has flown by! x


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