Friday, 14 November 2014

Parker at 18 and 19 Weeks

18 Weeks

This week Parker finally rolled back to tummy. I say finally but 18 weeks isn't late to be rolling at all. Just like with rolling tummy to back he started trying for about a day then the next day had cracked it. He seems like such a quick learner once he puts his mind to it. Paige rolled around the same age but it seemed to take her a couple of weeks of trying before she finally did it. 

His sleep is terrible. I feel like I constantly repeat myself with sleep issues. He's so up and down and not consistent at all. He had one awful night where from 1:45am - 6:24am I had to constantly hold him while walking up and down the living room so he would settle. Luckily it was a Sunday so I went to bed at 6:24am and Mark took over. 
Prior to this night he was super fussy too. I've no idea why. He just didn't seem himself and happy. He was going through a leap and we actually think that bad night was the end of it as since then he is back to his super happy self and sleeping better. 

Parker is now wearing 6-9m clothes. He's a giant! He's so big. Defiantly following in Paiges footsteps. 

19 Weeks 
Parker seemed to change this week. He almost grew up over night. His sleep went back to his typical twice a night waking although he only really feeds the first time he wakes up between midnight and 1am. He then wakes around 5am and just needs a cuddle then will sleep until 7am. He sometimes doesn't settle very well after the 5am wake up so in those cases we bring him into bed and he sleeps fine. His bedtime is between 7-7:30pm depending what time he wakes from his last nap. He has about 4 naps a day. Normally they are 45minutes long but he will occasionally have a two hour over lunch time (if I am holding him). 

His feeding changed this week too. He has always being such a snacker (very much like me) but this week he's gone to having 3-4 bottles during the day of 6oz a time. It's such an effort to get him to drink them. It's like everything in the world is so exciting and his milk is so boring. Haha. 

He is obsessed with blowing raspberries. He first blew them weeks and weeks ago then never did again and now they are back with full force. It's so cute and Paige thinks it's funny.

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  1. He just seems to be growing so fast, he is such a gorgeous boy x


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