Thursday, 20 November 2014

Parker at 20 Weeks

I'm talking about sleep again, what a surprise. This week has probably been the worst week. Parker has woken 5/6 times a night every single night. He isn't hungry every time but he does have two bottles during the night at midnight and 5am. He isn't going through a leap so I thought the reason for him waking was him trying to master a new skill and I think I'm right. The other morning I was up with him and he was fast asleep in my arms. He then started trying to pull himself up to a sitting position while laid down and fast asleep. I was also regularly finding him at the top of his cot and turned around the other way so I defiantly think he's trying to master a new skill. 
This week he took his first two hour nap by himself. Normally I have to hold him for his to sleep that long during the day. 
When he's awake and laid down he rolls quickly onto his belly then puts his head down, brings his knees up under himself and shuffles forwards like he's trying to crawl. The boy wants to go!! Paige started trying around the same age so it will be interesting to see if he crawls before she did at just gone 7 months. 
He is still obsessed with blowing bubbles and raspberries. 
He is having around 5 bottles a day including the 2 during the night I mentioned earlier. They are all 6oz bottles. He is now in 6-9m clothes and wearing size 4 nappies!!!! 
If only we could sort his sleeping out a little. Me and mark are knackered. But I know it won't last forever. Fingers crossed!! 
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so adorable. And looking more and more like Paige. I hope the sleep issues resolve quickly for you, sleep deprivation is horrendous. x

  2. He's growing so quickly, and the lack of sleep sucks doesn't it, I think we'd all cope better if we slept normal amounts with a baby! Haha xx

  3. Look at his gorgeous little hat! x

  4. Love his hat! :) Sorry to hear about his sleep, this must be really hard on you! Hope he starts sleeping better for you soon xx

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