Monday, 24 November 2014

Parker at 5 Months

Parker is now 22 weeks and is officially 5 months old. I swear he was just born.
Parker had another long nap by himself this week. In fact he seems to be having a long nap over lunch time which is nice. Apart from that sleep is still bad. He is still trying to sit up and crawl in sleep but seems to be getting a bit easier to settle. Mark did the whole of one night and parker only woke once! The average seems to be 3 times again which is a lot better than the previous 2 weeks of 5/6 times a night.
He has a little cold. Poor thing. Pretty sure he caught it off Paige as she has a cold too. 
He smiles at his reflection and anybody that will smile at him. When out and about all people have to donut glance in his direction and he beams from ear to ear. He is so much more smiley than Paige was. You always had to work for a smile with smile but she giggled a lot easier than Parker does. His giggles sound so funny. It sounds like they take over his body and he just can't handle them. It's so cute.
As for milestones he still loves to stand and is constantly rolling over in both directions. If you lay him down on the floor he doesn't stay still and frequently ends up in a completely different place to where you put him. He isn't yet sitting fully on his own, Paige was when she turned 5 months but she didn't roll as well as Parker can. I know they are different babies but I can't help them compare. They are both perfect in there own way.
He still has around 5 bottles in 24 hours. During the day they are 6oz but during the night he doesn't always finish them and sometimes he will just have one during the night. He hasn't yet had solids but is starting to get interested and constantly watches us when we eat. Another month then we will start him on baby led weaning. I can't wait.
He is so good at grabbing things and loves playing with toys. He still loves Paige and she loves him. His face lights up as soon as he sees her.
I think that his hair is growing a little more and his eyes are a dark green. He is still a big boy and fitting into 6-9 month clothes. I wouldn't be surprised if 9-12m fit him too. He's such a mummy's boy and I'm loving every second.
I can't believe that next month he will be half a year old! I can't wait to see him develop even more and start sitting properly and crawling. I'm excited to see how it changes his relationship with Paige.
Thanks for reading,
Nicola Xx

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  1. Aw what a lovely post. Happy 5 months Parker! I also compare my two, it's lovely to see how different they are x


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