Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Paiges 3rd Christmas and Parkers 1st. Where does the time go? 
Last Christmas we announced we were pregnant and I was sat wondering what this year would be like with two. The answer is amazingly wonderful and tiring. 
Our Christmas started on December 23rd. We drove to my mums for her birthday and to celebrate with them early. We had a quick but lovely 27 hours. 
Christmas Eve was spent driving back from my mums and getting ready for the big guy. We gave paige and parker their Christmas Eve box and they loved it. We then made cookies for santa, watched the Peppa Pig dvd, wore Christmas pjs and read Christmas stories. Once paige and Parker were asleep me and mark had the task of sorting out presents. 



After too many wake ups during the night morning came. Paige and Parker didn't wake until 8am. Why is it when you want them to wake early they don't?! We opened stockings in bed then had breakfast. Next we headed down stairs. 
The look of pure joy and excitement on Paiges face was amazing. I can only imagine that  will get even better over the next few years. Parker was so excited too. He seemed a lot more aware than Paige did on her first Christmas. He was sat bashing presents trying to open them or jumping in his Jumperoo. We all got very spoilt and are so thankful for each and every gift. 
We enjoyed a day filled with each others company, toys and lovely food. I always love Christmas dinner. So yummy! 
I love the chaos of Christmas Day. Toys everywhere and wrapping paper covering the carpet. There was plenty of laughter and giggles from the children and tears from me (happy ones I promise). 
Boxing Day arrived and we were due to have family over but they were all ill. It meant we could chill out and have more family time. We ate more, played with more toys and watched Frozen. Our first ever time!
Overall our Christmas was amazing. Our first as a family of four. I can not wait for next year. Paige will be 3 and a half and Parker 1 and a half. Eeekkk!! 
I hope you all had a wonderful day. 
Nicola xx 


  1. Lovely pictures, sounds like it was a fantastic day for you all x

  2. Aww! How lovely! It looks like you had a great Christmas....
    Gorgeous photos x

  3. Ah it looks like a lovely Christmas, watching them enjoy it is so magical isn't it? And I agree with the fact that they never wake early when you want them too- Mads and LL slept till 8.30 and I was desperate for them to wake up! xx


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