Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review - The Basket Company

It amazes me how much more washing one tiny extra person causes. Before Parker was born we had a small laundry basket and I did 3 washes a week. The basket never overflowed and I always felt on top on the laundry.

Add in another extra person and I was about to go crazy with the extra washing I had. I honestly don't know where it comes from. Our laundry basket was always overflowing and I was washing every single day!

When the lovely people at The Basket Company wanted to work with me on a review I jumped at the chance, a bigger laundry basket was always something that we meant to buy but with Christmas around the corner it just got pushed to the side. Over the last couple of weeks I have being reviewing the large natural round wicker laundry basket. 

When it first arrived I was amazed at how much room there was. Our old laundry basket was literally less than half the size...we'd had it from before Paige was born. I quickly changed it all over and started using it right away.

The basket is very well made and such amazing quality. It looks lovely. I was always ashamed of our old one so hid it away. Our new basket lives in the corner of our bedroom and looks really nice there. Because of the natural appearance it fits right in with our bedroom and would suit a lot of styles. I love the lining as it can be easily removed and washed. The lining also has a little detail of a bow. This is super cute and just gives the basket a little something else. The basket is more than big enough for us four and now I wash 5 times a week. The basket never overflows even when I change the bedding. It really does hold a lot which is very much needed for a family.

My least favourite thing about the basket is the lid. This particular one doesn't have a handle. It doesn't effect the basket at all and maybe it's just personal preference but I think I'd prefer a handle. It just makes it a little easier to open if you can grab onto a handle. Mark on the other hand doesn't think a handle is necessary.

The laundry basket retails at £60 which is a lot of money for a laundry basket but it is handmade from willow and something that gets used multiple times a day, especially with messy children. There are also a small and medium version if the large is a little too big for you.
 Nicola Xx


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