Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sleeping Like A Baby

When you have a baby, sleep can be a big issue. Newborns are up regularly for feeds, there's the famous 4 month sleep regression plus others ones throughout the first year. Then as a toddler nightmares can happen and also potty training can interrupt sleep for a while.

When Paige was a baby I found not sleeping ok. After all I could just nap when she did but she started sleeping 11-12 hours at 11 weeks old and apart from the odd week or so did that most night. If she did wake it was at around 5am for a bottle and then she would go straight back to sleep.

Parker is very different, just like all babies. I can't help but compare them because they are the only two babies that I have experience with.

Parker is an ok sleeper. He normally wakes up once or twice for some milk and goes back to sleep fairly quickly. When he is going through a leap he tends to wake up more, 5-6 times a night is the norm! This normally last a good few weeks. As you can imagine with a toddler to look after as well I can't nap like I could when I only had Paige It won't last forever but it's tiring.

They count sleeping through the night as 6 straight hours so Parker does that most nights when he first goes down. I like to count sleeping through as longer than 8 hours. He's done that twice in 5 months. I'm so thankful because I know that he is capable and when he is ready he will eventually do it every night and I won't have to use a whole tube of concealer under my eyes to cover my dark circles. But for now he needs me during the night and as his mum I'm going to be there for him, whether he needs milk or just a cuddle.

For me sleep deprivation is the hardest thing about having two. I'm fine with managing my time, having routines, keeping them both entertained and dividing my time between them. But sleep deprivation has funny effects on people. For me I get a lot of head aches. My days are currently sponsored by tea and chocolate, not good for the figure but it keeps me going.

I'll miss the times when he doesn't need during the night so even though I'm knackered I'm enjoying every second.

Do you sleep like a baby?

Nicola Xx

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  1. It's amazing how we adapt to night wakings and things. I learnt to cope with 3-4 hours of broken sleep a night and had that until both LP and Little Man were a year old. It's a killer but it doesn't last forever - thankfully! x


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