Thursday, 1 January 2015

A Crazy Year

Happy New Years Day! 

The past year has flown by. I honestly can't believe it's 2015! 

So much has happened. 

We moved house in March.

Paige turned 2 in May.

We got a car early June. 

Parker was born in June. 

We've lost so many hours of sleep since June.. Totally worth it but so hard at the same time. 

We celebrated our first year of marriage in November and Paige's 3rd and Parkers 1st Christmas in December.

At the start of last year I couldn't of imagined the year we've had. Our life truly changed last year. 

We have so much to look forward to this year. Mark turns 30 soon, then paige is 3 and parker will be 1 the month after. I'm also hoping we can go on our first family holiday this year. I'm hoping for a little more sleep this year but I'm not getting my hopes up. I hope we are all happy and healthy in 2015. I hope we are strong as a family. I hope we have the best year!

I still can't believe 2014 is over. The year I became a mummy of two and one of the fastest years of my life. 

Keep a look out for my resolutions post! 

Nicola xx 


  1. You have had such a wonderful but probably exhausting year! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2015! x

  2. Happy new year! I hope 2015 is an exciting one for you x

  3. You really do have such beautiful children. Seems like 2014 was one special year for you all. Wishing you all the best for 2015 x


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