Monday, 5 January 2015

Parker at 6 Months

Half a year old. How is my baby half a year old already? In all honestly Parker is almost 6 and a half months old, with Christmas I'm a little late with this update.

He has changed so much since 5 months. He got his first two teeth at 5 and a half months and began properly sitting unsupported then too. They happened on the same weekend! He is getting so big and so strong. I'm not sure how much he weighs but he is outgrowing some 6-9 months trousers.

His sleep is rubbish. These past two weeks he hasn't been well so his sleep was defiantly affected. On average he wakes at midnight at 5am which isn't great but isn't terrible either. 

He is really loving playing with toys. He loves his jumperoo too. He will sit and play with Paige for ages. It's so nice watching them both play together. I can't wait until he starts moving around so he can chase her. Speaking of moving around. He isn't yet crawling but he gets up on his hands and knees. He spins around on his belly and is still rolling everywhere so he is very much mobile just like last month. I don't think it will be long before he figures out crawling but so far he really doesn't know what to do once he gets on his hands and knees. I know I'm comparing them again but Paige crawled just as she turned 7 months so we will see what Parker does. He loves to stand still and will support himself if he is holding onto something.

He is such a happy boy and will laugh and smile at everyone. He still adores Paige and I don't think that will change. He still has his adorable little dimples too.

His hair is growing and seems to be staying brown. His eyes are still dark green but they seem to be changing brown... we will see.

He's eating a couple of meals a day and loves finger foods. He seems to be going off his milk a little. I'm hoping its just because he isn't too well and that he will be back on form soon.

Nicola xx


  1. He is adorable!!! that last photo is stunning! My little boy is 11 months old, it goes so fast doesn't it? i'm with you on the sleep. the past two months as been tiring. teething and colds haven't helped! x

  2. I honestly cannot believe he is 6 months already. That has flown by! Happy half Birthday little dude x

  3. Hope he gets better soon. It's horrible when they are unwell, they are just not themselves. Archie completely goes off his good when he is ill. What lovely pictures of him, looking so cute. Love the little monster too, we have it too! You are right it is so lovely tow watch them play together, I adore watching my two. No problems yet with sharing or anything and I hope it continues!!! Hoping he feels better soon xx

  4. You have an adorable little man there! Hope he feels better soon :)

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