Monday, 26 January 2015

Parker at 7 Months

These months are just flying by. I can barely keep track. Between 7 - 8 months was a big time for Paige and it seems that 6-7 months was a big one for Parker.

We tried and failed at the picture wearing daddys tie
This picture cracks me up!
He has learnt so much since turning 6 months. The first being crawling. He started getting on all fours and rocking but then figured out a army/worm crawl. He is so fast at that now. He still gets on al fours multiple times a day. He is able to move his legs and one arm... he just needs to figure out that other arm and he will off. But he doesn't seem bothered and is happy to get around army crawling. Its so much fun seeing him chase after Paige. He can also get from sitting up to laying down so is very much mobile. He is so close to getting to a sitting position from laying down.

He has developed the pincher grasp and loves feeding himself but still doesn't mind spoon feeding. Weaning is going well. He has 2 meals a day and drink around five 7oz bottles, sometimes six. I'm hoping to get him onto 8oz bottles soon but we will see how it goes.

He is going into 9-12 months clothes. Still in size 4 nappies and weighs around 20lbs.

He is also teething again. He continues to wear his amber teething necklace but I'm still undecided about it, I'll do a review when I make my mind up. Teething gel helps him and the granules actually make him sick so we avoid them now. His favourite teething toys are Sophie La Giraffe and his socks. Silly boy.

Sleep is up and down. We started sleep training a couple of days ago so I will do a bit of an update in a week or two :)

He loves playing with Paige still and loves toys. It lovely that he can really play well with them now. He also loves his ball pit and him and Paige will sit and play for ages in there.

I think that's about it.

Nicola Xx


  1. He is so cute! Totally rocking the tie and hat looks! Gorgeous photos x

  2. So grown up! He looks so much like Paige in the last picture xx

  3. He is looking so grown up in these! Such a gorgeous boy- I can't believe he is 7 months! x

  4. Wasn't it just the other day you were pregnant o_O time flies way too fast! You are raising two beautiful amazing little cutie pies!
    Well done mama

    Charlotte xo


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