Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Weaning - 6 And A Half Months

Parker is 6 and a half months old now so we have now started our weaning journey. We wanted to wait until 6 months before we started and nearly managed that. Parker started showing signs around 5 to 5 and a half months old that he was ready to start weaning. The first thing he did was start to really focus on us eating. The next step was him grabbing my banana and chewing on it.

We really wanted to try baby led weaning. With Paige we did a mixture of baby led and purees and we have ended up doing that with Parker. At first he wasn't really taking to baby led weaning so we did more puree then after a couple of weeks he was really into the baby led. So now we do a mixture, just like with Paige.

With regards to puree feeding he needed a whole set of plates, bowls and spoons for himself. We still had Paige's from when she weaned as she still uses many of her bowls and plates but we felt like Parker needed his own. He was a very lucky boy at Christmas and Santa got him a lot of things what he needed for Christmas.

He seems to be doing better than Paige did with weaning. She didn't really care for food that much but Parker loves it. He will have a couple of spoons at lunch and tea time.

In terms of spoons for puree feeding we have being trying out Spuni. The Spuni comes with a reusable carry case which is nice for out and about use. They have a unique tulip design which promotes latching and reduces mess. I do like the design of these spoons. When we first started Parker did tend to latch on and suck the food off them and they worked well. I found them to be quite messy as not a lot of food fits onto the spoon and it tends to fall off the side. They seem to be one of Parkers favorites for now but he doesn't suck the food off anymore, he just eats like anyone would off a normal spoon.

They feel nice to hold and Parker likes to hold them himself. They can go in the dishwasher which makes cleaning them super easy. I have noticed that the clear edging has stained with baby food.

The Spuni spoons come in a pack of two, with a range of colour combos, and are priced at £14. I personally think £14 is a bit steep for spoons but they are well made and do the job.

Parker is started to lean towards baby led weaning and that is fine by us but it's always nice to have the option of puree.

Baby led weaning is great in my eyes. The baby gets to eat, learn and try new real foods. With Parker w also offer him whatever we are having for tea. His favorites so far are banana, toast, tuna pasta bake and sunday dinner. We give him finger sized pieces and he just bites off bits, chews and eats. Simple! Some people are a bit nervous when it comes to baby led weaning. They can gag on food but gagging on food is completely different to choking on food. Their gag reflex is really quite strong to stop them from choking. Its also good for them to gag on the food, it helps them understand how to chew and eat it properly.  

Did you prefer puree or baby led weaning?

Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer - We were sent the above item to review but all views and opinions are our own*


  1. It sounds like Parker already loves food! Those spoons look great x

  2. Sounds like Parker is doing great with weaning! I saw your pics of his pasta bake and I really want to try Aria on that this week! I think she'd love it :)

    We got to try out the Spuni too and Aria loved it! You are right though, not much fits on the spoon, but I think they work brilliantly when first weaning!

    Hope you're all well :)

    Nicola x

  3. Glad to hear that weaning Parker is going well. I definitely think babies make their own mind up in terms of how they want to be weaned. BLW is great by my gosh, it's messy! :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. Both! I don't like having to pick one or the other and a mix of both worked well for us like it has with you for Parker and Paige. With the next baby I would try and wait longer than I did with Noah but that being said he's a fab eater (at the moment!) I also wouldn't be so scared of BLW. I was terrified of choking for months! xx


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