Thursday, 26 February 2015

8 Months Old


How is it possible for Parker to be yet another month old?! He is starting to turn into such a toddler and is less baby like each day.

Just after he turned 7 months he started pulling up and then started cruising. Right around the same time that Paige did. He also finally mastered sitting up from a laying down position after a few weeks of trying. He has also started to test his balance and will pull up on the sofa then let go with his hands and try to balance.

At around 7 and a half months he started preferring traditional crawling over his little army crawl. I also don't think I mentioned it before but his first word was Dada. It isn't specify to Mark yet but he does love to say it. Paige's was Mama so it's only fair Mark got a look in this time, hehe.

He started clapping this month and refuses to be spoon fed. He also started giving kisses. The open mouthed, dribbly kisses are the best. I missed those.

He has 5 bottles a day with 1 of those during the night around midnight. He has two naps of around 1 and a half hours each time, morning and afternoon. He also eats two meals a day. I'm hoping to increase this to three meals by the time he is 9 months.

He still only has two teeth even though I feel like he's been teething for weeks now, his cheeks are permently red. He must be getting his top two soon.

We have his pre one year check up coming up in the next few weeks so it will be nice to get a bit of an update on how the health visitor thinks he is doing even though I have no worries what so ever.

His personality is really shining through now. He is such a cheeky little boy. He is so cuddly. He still adores Paige. He is really playing with his toys and this month we introduced him to Mega Bloks.

I can't get my head around the fact that in just one month he will be 9 months old and then it's into the double figures.

Nicola Xx


  1. How is Parker 8 months old already! I remember reading your bump updates. That has gone so so fast. Hes Gorgeous x
    Steph |

  2. Gosh I can't believe he's eight months already! He's gorgeous. x


  3. 8 months?! No WAY! That has zoomed by. Love his jumper, he is so gorgeous! x


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