Monday, 9 February 2015

Family Favourites - January

I thought I'd start a little blog series where each month I share the previous months family favourites. There will be mummy, daddy, Paige and Parker favourites. So here goes our January.

*The 100- I love this show. I am literally obsessed and if you haven't watched it you should. I am so glad it's back on e4. In fact it's the only TV I watch apart from Eastenders.
* Sausages and beans on toast - So this isn't the healthiest lunch but it isn't too bad. It is such a lovely comforting lunch on a cold day and I've been eating it once a week as a treat.
* My iPad mini - Paige got a leap pad 3 for Christmas so as a result my iPad mini is mine again. Yayyyyy!

*Football shirt - daddy got a new football shirt for his birthday and is constantly wearing it. Of course I'm the one struggling to get it washed and dry inbetween washes.
*Football manager game - He's a little obsessed and would be playing right now if I weren't hogging the computer.
*Sweet chilli anything - I'm so boring when it comes to food but Mark has loved sweet chilli flavoured things all month

* Small figures - She loves carrying them round with her. They even sit at the table and watch her eat.
* Leap pad 3 - She got it from her grandparents for Christmas and loves it.
*Pocoyo - Around this time last year Paige become obsessed with Pocoyo and it's the same again this year. That little blue guy drives me crazy so mean mummy only lets her watch it for 10 minutes a day in the afternoon for some quiet time.

* Carrots - The boy is obsessed with carrots and gobbles then up each and every time.
*Hair brushes - If you leave a hair brush on the floor its the first thing he will crawl to no matter what else is around.
*Paige - He loves his big sister so much.

What has your family loved in January?

Nicola Xx


  1. I love beans on toast for lunch or tea, especially with a sprinkle of cheese. YUM! x

  2. I eat beans on toast for lunch every day haha! Love it. Loving your new blog look too! x


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