Saturday, 28 February 2015

Me and Mine - February

February was quite a busy month for us. We spent the weekends doing quite a bit of travelling. Around 600 miles. Its lovely to visit family but I always love coming home.

This month me and Mark had two dates. Two! We went out for a meal and for a walk and lunch. We've only left both children three times and the first was in January. We rarely get time together to just be Mark and Nicola so it was lovely. We are trying to do it at least once a month this whole year.

Paige and Parker have both blossomed this month. Paige's speech is coming on leaps and bounds and we had her first ever parents evening at nursery during the week. Parker has just turned 8 months old and is pulling up, cruising and crawling so quickly. Paige took her first steps at 9 months, I really hope Parker doesn't follow suit but he is so eager to chase after Paige so it wouldn't surprise me.

As always I left it until the last minute to get this months pictures and as we currently aren't at home everything is a little messed up. Schedule's are messed up, everyone is a little more tired than usual and we just generally don't feel 100% comfortable, if that makes sense.  

So the pictures were taken in the room that we are all sharing, on my iPhone and selfie style again. Yes, four of us in a room with Parker waking twice a night is fun... not! Also sharing a bed with a 2 year old isn't fun either.

But this is us right now. Paige was grumpy because she was tired, I'm trying to make her smile, Parker is pulling Marks ears hence Marks face and Parkers cheeky grin.


Nicola Xx
dear beautiful


  1. These pics are cute, it is nice to capture the moments that aren't always our best too, it's great to look back and see how far life comes in such a short time. Beautiful little people and you're gorgeous by the way, if you didn't already know #meandmine

  2. Your family photos are always so fun, I always look forward to seeing them! x


  3. I love the photos, so fun and you always all look so happy xxx

  4. I love the photos! And totally agree about being away from home martha just doesn't sleep unless she's home x

  5. I love these photos, yet again they're real and funny! You're such a cute family x

  6. Awww...such lovely fun photos! :-) xx

  7. What a lovely picture! So happy

  8. Very happy smiley photos! You'd never know that they were last minute nor that you are all crammed together in one room at night!
    Kelly x

  9. Love these. They made me giggle a lot x

    1. Hehe, thanks sweetie. We giggled a lot taking them x

  10. Great photo - I love a good family selfie :-) xx

  11. Love your photographs Nicola, your children are adorable and I love that Parker's pulling your hubby's ears and making him yelp! Hope you have a wonderful March #MeandMine xx

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