Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Most Stressful Time As A Parent

As a parent you experience stressful situations on a daily basis. It's all part of the package. A recent survey by Blinds2Go found that 29% of UK parents found bed time the most stressful part of day. Parents had to choose from a list of common activities that take place on a daily basis. A close second was shopping with 26% of parents saying they found it the most stressful situation. 

In our house bed time or shopping isn't a particularly stressful time. We've had bedtime routines in place from when Paige was around 6 weeks old and have kept bedtimes pretty constant. Of course there are nights when she will wake up but they are rare. As for Parker, he too has had a bedtime routine from around 6 weeks. He fit into Paige's routine quite easily. His sleep isn't as constant as Paige's but I still don't find it particularly stressful, just tiring at 4am.

Me and Mark may be in the minority here but we love taking the kids shopping, food shopping is a favourite and we all look forward to it each week. Maybe because it has always being apart of our weekly routine they are just used to it. Now Paige is older we let her help out which helps keep her entertained. Right now Parker just sits the trolley and has all the other customers cooing over him but I can't wait for the day when he can help out too.

So what is our most stressful parenting situation?

I would have to say travelling, Mark may disagree. I don't mean a short car journey to the shops but longer trips are definitely not fun in our house. The survey found that 23% of parents agree as travelling came in as the third most stressful time.

We have family that live quite far away. Mark is actually from Ipswich and we live in Yorkshire so we have to travel over 200 miles to see everyone from Marks side of the family. The thought of travelling that far stresses me, even though we've done it a few times since Parker was born, I still find it hard. I find that babies are quite easy to travel with, especially when they are smaller. As long as they are clean, fed and cosy they pretty much sleep all the way which is amazing. Its the sudden screaming as you get to their fed time while stuck in traffic on the motorway that stresses me out.  We tend to plan stops around Parker's schedule so we can avoid him getting hungry and crying in the car.

As for Paige, she gets travel sick so whenever we travel long distances I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting for her to be sick. I can never properly relax on the journey and it leaves me feeling quite anxious. With Paige it normally starts with her crying, as she starts to feel ill, and then the saliva begins. She is then sick and of course cries uncontrollably because being sick isn't nice for anyone.

We do try to do a few things to help her..
  •  We try to travel when we think she will be tired and fall asleep. Paige doesn't nap anymore but if we travel around 2/3pm we know she is more likely to fall asleep. So far sleeping is the only thing that stops her from being sick.
  • We never let her travel straight after a full meal. We try her with something small to eat before we leave and some sips of water if she is sick.

  • We keep the car cool, well-ventilated and use a sun shade on her window to stop her getting too hot.
  •  We try to distract her with little games and songs. This is hard if we are travelling for 4 hours but with little breaks it helps.

  •  I always make sure I have a muslin cloth or a towel, baby wipes and a change of clothes handy for if she is sick. I can easily clean up the mess and deal with the situation. We normally find that once she is sick she will fall asleep.

  • A lot of toddlers outgrow travel sickness so I'm hoping that Paige will too but it not we will deal with it just the same. If you have anymore travel tips that may help I would love to hear them.

    What is your most stressful time as a parent?

    Nicola Xx


    1. CAn she see Out the window? P1 gets travel sick too on journeys that are a little bumping or twisting roads. We changed her car seat to a taller one that sits higher in the car (recaro) and as long as she's able to see out the window and doesn't look down or read or play games, then she's ok. We have a bowl we keep in the car.

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