Monday, 16 February 2015

One on One

When Paige was a newborn, baby and a toddler it was always me and her. She was the first born. It was going to be that way. She had all my attention and we both loved it.

With Parker it isn't always like that. Sometimes he does have to share me with Paige and she has to share me with him. They are both so good and even almost 8 months on there isn't ounce of jealously between them and never has been. I love spending time with them both together, of course I do... it's the most amazing thing to watch your two babies play and interact. It was the thing I was most looking forward to when I was pregnant and it hasn't been a disappointment.
But I do love mine and Parker's special time. 

Paige goes to nursery 3 mornings a week. Both me and Parker miss her like crazy but it's lovely that we get some mummy and son time together. I always try to make it all about him. We get all his toys our and even some of Paige's and just play. When nap time comes I take that time to get some cleaning done. Then when he wakes we start again until Paige comes home at lunch time. 

During Parker's afternoon nap I try to make a fuss of Paige. It's important that she still feels like she's getting some alone mummy time too. During that time we will play with things that Parker would either destroy or chew, play-doh and puzzles are a favourite with Paige. 

Time together with my babies is priceless. Nothing can beat it. 
But one on one time with each of them is that little bit more special because it doesn't happen as often. 

How do you make one on one time special?
Nicola Xx


  1. I love time with each of mine too - LP is now at preschool every morning and so Little Man and I have a couple of hours just us and it's really nice to spend time with him and then, like you, when he naps in the afternoon I have time with LP x

  2. I think one on one time with them is so priceless and I love it when I get snatched time with either of my two. I get LL all to myself on a Fri morning cause Mads goes to nursery an extra day and I do love it, although I do feel guilty sometimes. x

    1. I know what you mean about the guilty feeling. That's what parents do best I think x

  3. I enjoyed reading this post because when I think about having another baby I always worry about so many little things.

    It's great to see how it works for you guys and it's amazing to see Parker and Paige's relationship, it comes through on photo's just how much they love one another xx

    1. We couldn't of asked for them to have better relationship. Paige is so loving and such an amazing big sister. Things settle down after the first few weeks and things fall into place. You will see xx

    2. I feel guilty when I imagine having another baby. Is this normal? I worry because my Mum suffered with prenatal depression when pregnant with my brother because she felt so guilty having another baby after me. I had bad baby blues for about a week when Noah was newborn when I was struggling with breastfeeding and was combo feeding. In the back of my mind I always worry about PND xx


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