Thursday, 26 February 2015

Showing your love: Not just for Valentine’s Day

With a flurry of blushing petals, extravagant dinners and more than a few freshly-minted engagements, Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year. But that doesn’t mean you can stop making the effort! Showing your significant other your love for them doesn’t just come in extravagant, gift-wrapped forms. Here are some ways to make your partner swoon, all year round.

Make their life easier

There are a thousand little ways you can make your other half smile, without spending a penny. Whether you make sure their ailing phone battery is always charged, scrape the ice from the car windscreen in the morning, or always wake up first and bring them morning coffee, these little gestures cumulate and strengthen a relationship.

Give them what they care about

Frivolous gifts like jewellery and flowers are lovely, but if you try to notice throughout the year what your partner really enjoys, you’ll never be stuck for a gift idea. Perhaps her beloved author has released a new book, or his favourite craft brewery has created a new beer. Knowing what your partner cares about, and showing it, will be a constant source of delight in your relationship.

Don’t be afraid of a big gesture

In no way should you do this all the time, but if you send her flowers at work, just once, she’ll remember it forever, and you’ll gain serious kudos with her colleagues. Likewise, hampers for him are a wonderful gesture, and can come in all shapes and sizes, whether he loves gourmet chocolates, retro sweets, or pampering himself with some manly grooming products!

Listen more, talk less

It seems easy, but are you always the one in the relationship who is whining about your day at work, your hare-brained friends or your lack of energy? Take a step back, and ask your partner how things are going for them. Sometimes, we all need to vent a little steam, even if your other half is usually the one who listens.

Date nights

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, or are living with your partner, your relationship might have taken a turn for the domestic. While long nights snuggled up on the sofa can be just as lovely, rekindle the excitement of getting dressed up for each other and going out by scheduling a monthly date night. Relationships take effort to feel effortless.

Any thoughtful gesture, no matter how little or large, will go a long way. Be sure to show how much you care every now and again and you’ll be a practically perfect partner.

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