Monday, 2 February 2015

Snow Days 2015

Over the past three weeks we've had quite a lot of snow. The first time we were all a bit under the weather so the next time we were all ready and excited to go outside and play. Like most toddlers Paige loves snow. I think she would of stayed outside all day if she could. With her recent Frozen obsession she has found a love for snowmen so we had to build a snowman.

When it started snowing she asked to build a snowman straight, even before there was enough snow. I guess she couldn't quite work out why she couldn't build one straight away.

Parker has never seen snow before and in a spooky kind of way Paige first saw snow around the same age. He was fascinated and kept staring up to look at the snow falling.

I want to try hard to remember these little moments.

The first time my babies saw snow together.


Have your children enjoyed the snow?

Nicola Xx


  1. I'm super jealous. We haven't seen snow since I was pregnant with P2. I'm desperate for her to experience it

  2. That snow looks amazing! Ours had been and gone in 15 minutes!! x

  3. Awww so so so cute! Look at Parker in his little snowsuit- just adorable! A very cute snowman too! x

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