Wednesday, 18 March 2015

34 Months Old

Two months until Paige is THREE! I'm starting to think about her birthday and she has requested a Peppa Pig cake. For her first two birthdays I made her cake but I'm not sure I could make a Peppa Pig cake.

Paige was always a really good eater but this month has wanted to try new things. She's tried loads of different foods and liked everything. She is also loving Weetabix and jelly and asks for it all the time.

She is still obsessed with her little figurines that she has to carry everywhere. She always has at least 4 at all times. She is so independent and still has to dress herself, put and take off shoes and her coat. She really doesn't like asking for help.

Her speech is still coming along and this month she has started explaining herself more. She goes into more details. She also wants to help me all the time and gets so excited when she does something to help.

She's got into her drawing and colouring again this month which is lovely as she has so many colouring supplies. She drew a lovely picture of grandma in her Mothers day card, haha.

An exciting thing that happened this month was that she got into a new nursery. She will officially be starting in September. I'm so excited. I hope she likes it as much she likes her current one. We decided to move her as this new one is connected to the primary school we want her to attend.

Nicola Xx


  1. Oh wow, she doesn't seem old enough for official 3+ nursery! Exciting times. Can't believe she is nearly three either, it's been so lovely watching her grow up on your blog x

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