Tuesday, 24 March 2015

9 Months Old

Can we pause for a moment and actually realise that Parker is 9 months old.


He has officially being in the world longer than he was in my belly. I feel like the last 9 months have gone so quickly. I blinked and missed my baby boy growing up. He will be a walking and talking toddler in no time. Second babies really do grow up so quickly.

I feel like so much has changed in the past month. His eating and sleeping pattern is still the same as last month. He will nearly always have 3 meals a day but sometimes it's still two. He still has 5 bottles in 24 hours with one in the night. He will drop it when he's ready, I'm in no rush.

He still regularly tests his balance and lets go while standing up. He can do a few seconds on his own but he has to really want to do it. This month he started taking a few steps with his walker which was exciting. Paige could already stand unaided for 30-60 seconds at 9 months and took her first unaided steps at 9 months and 6 days old. I don't think Parker will do the same, thank goodness! But I do wonder when he will take those first steps.

He is now pulling up on EVERYTHING. It doesn't even need to have a ledge. He pulls up on walls and mirrored wardrobe sliding doors. The boy is crazy.

Another exciting thing is that on Mothers Day he said Mama for the first time. Perfect timing baby boy! He also started waving in the past month too. So cute. He babbles all the time, non stop.

He cut another few teeth this month, 3 more in fact! He now has 3 of his top 4.

He is still baby led and hasn't had puree's in 2 months now. His favourites are toast and strawberries, although he will eat pretty much everything.

He was weighed at his pre year check up and was 21lbs at just over 8 months old. He's 75th percentile for his age so smaller than Paige was at the 95th percentile but still bigger than average. He's in 9-12m clothes.. The waist on trousers are always too big for him even though he is a chubby little monkey. He can also fit some 12-18m clothes!

He is such a loving little boy. A real mummy's boy. He is so cheeky and particularly loves wires, naughty boy. He still adores Paige. He also likes biting toes, random!

Nicola Xx


  1. Harrison loves wires too, although I recall Ashton being the same at this age... but of course Harris's favourite is my phone charger! haha. Also there has to be a way we can stop them from growing?! x

  2. I can't quite believe he is 9 months old. Where have those months gone? He is so, so beautiful though, gorgeous boy of yours x

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