Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Perfect Family Holiday

Taking your baby or toddler on holiday for the first time can be a bit scary. We are yet to venture outside the UK with Paige and Parker. To be honest the thought of travelling on an aeroplane with them scares me a little. Maybe because I'm a terrible flyer and Mark has never flown before. It will happen one day but not quite yet.

Instead we are planning a few UK holidays. For us right now they are perfect. Cheap, not loads of travelling and normally include grand parents which means that me and Mark get to spend some time together alone which in normal day to day life is rare.

We recently visited my mum and her partner in North Yorkshire. I do love it up there. It's gorgeous and so quiet. It's perfect for a relaxing week/weekend away. Not so relaxing with a baby and toddler but nothing ever is. Saying that, I'm not sure I could live up there. We've spoken about it before but I like being able to pop into town. In my mums village there are about 2 shops and the closest supermarket is miles away. I'm not sure I could manage, especially as I don't drive.

I'm really hoping we can go up that way again soon. My birthday is coming up at the beginning of April and I've being looking at Easter breaks. A kind of birthday/Easter getaway sounds perfect to me. I love going to my mums but maybe a little family break with just us four is something that might be nice. We still haven't really done the big holiday away with the four of us but for now, a little get away is perfect.

 I suppose any weekend away is what you make of it, Paige loves the open fields and running around and getting muddy! Me and Mark like finding little village pubs where we can have a nice evening meal. But most of all the highlight has to be just spending that time together, as a family and trying something new, somewhere new. After all memories are better when they're made as a family!

Where will our next weekend away take us? Who knows, I just hope it's somewhere warm! Although Paige, Parker and Mark don't care about the weather I'm dying to see a nice beach and some sun.

Do you prefer home or away?

Nicola Xx


  1. For us at the moment UK breaks are just easier and cheaper. We're looking at going abroad next year though x

    1. I can't wait to go abroad but a couple of years yet for us I think x

  2. I'm too scared to take Lily abroad at the moment too..I keep thinking what if she got ill or hurt out there, I'd hate to be away from home if that happened so we're looking for some UK breaks too :) That picture is gorge, love north yorkshire! x

    Abigail Bryony


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