Friday, 6 March 2015

Family Favourites - February

February has flown by. I think I pretty much blinked and missed it! Here are last months family favourites.

* Wagon wheels - The Jammie ones to be specific. Can't beat a lovely biscuit with a cuppa.
* New laptop  - I got a laptop and love it so far. It's a HP Pavilion in pink.
* Coming home - We've had a few trips this past month and my favourite thing ever is coming home. Oh and sleeping in my own bed.

* "Da Da Da" - Parker is obsessed with saying this and Mark is very happy about it. Now Parker, time to say "MaMa".
* Doner Kebab Pizza - Kebab meat on a pizza! Sounds horrible to me but Mark loves it.
* Who killed Lucy Beale? - Although he was disappointed to find out it was Bobby he enjoyed the live episodes. Eastenders is the only soap that we watch.

* Peppa Pig play-doh videos - Paige rarely watches YouTube or tv but she always asked for Peppa or play- doh videos.
* Play-doh - As well as watching play-doh videos she loves playing with it too.
* Ham sandwiches - That is all she wants for lunch.

* V Tech Walker - He loves to stand holding the walker or playing with the front part.
* Cruising and standing - He gets everywhere. He's really starting to test his balance too. I wonder when his first steps will be.
* Bananas - I always thought Parker was a little monkey, hehe.

What are your family favourite for this month?

Nicola Xx


  1. Doner kebab pizza?! NO WAY!!! Bleugh! x

  2. Yeahh I agree that pizza sounds vile!! Haha! xx

  3. PS: I love the idea of this! I want to do it too but can I start late?! :P


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