Thursday, 12 March 2015

Our Evening Routine

If you haven't seen our morning routine do check that out as I am pretty much continuing on from where I left off.

Mark gets home around 4:15pm. If we've had a particularly busy day or I haven't managed to get something done I normally do it before tea. Sometimes it's putting washing away or blogging, if I have certain deadlines to meet.

We normally start tea around 5pm. Most of the time I will cook but Mark sometimes cooks too. It depends what we are having and who fancies cooking. During this time we play with the children. We all sit down to eat together around 5:30-5:45pm.

Bath time is usually around 6:15pm. We don't bath the children every night, normally every other night unless they are particularly dirty. They both love bath time and tend to get very hyper and excited. We only wash Paige's hair once a week on a Sunday too.

Who else sniffs babies right after bath time?!
We take it in turns to supervise bath times or will both play with them together if the other hasn't anything to do. I then get the children washed, nappies and pj's on while Mark makes a bottle for Parker and gets some milk for Paige. I always put Paige's hair in a plait. She will then have her milk then brush her teeth. She then chooses a story or two. She normally asks for either me or Mark to read the story and the other will feed Parker his bottle, sing his song, give him his comforter and then put him down. Paige will have her story and then go to sleep.

On nights they don't get baths we will all just play and have family time before taking them up to bed at 6:45pm. In the summer we will play outside after tea.

Both children are normally in bed for 7pm every night. I do believe that a routine really helps when it comes to bed time.

After both children are in bed I will clean the kitchen from tea, wash up and tidy up. One of Paige's jobs is to tidy away the toys before we take her up to bed so I won't need to do that.

The rest of the evening is then ours. Mark will sometimes go on the computer and I will blog.

Mark washes up the bottles if there are any that need doing. I typically go to bed around 9:30pm. I love sleep. And that's pretty much it.

What is your evening routine like?

Nicola Xx


  1. I need to learn to go to bed at this time. I usually spent from 7-10:30 with a baby asleep in my arms before I get up and go to bed.

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