Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Our Morning Routine

I really want to film a day in the life video but I honestly think my life is too boring. I'm not sure you would want to watch it. Please let me know.
Our morning routine is pretty consistent through the week. Paige goes to nursery Monday, Tuesday and Friday so we have two slightly different routines.


On a nursery day Paige will be woken at 7:15am if she isn't already awake, she normally goes straight in to see Parker or if he's asleep she will lay in our bed for a few minutes. I then wash her face, get her dressed and do her hair. She will then have some milk and her teeth brushed. She eats breakfast at nursery, we don't starve her I promise. While I'm getting Paige ready Mark gets ready for work and normally makes me a cuppa. Parker normally wakes at 7:10am so he is normally with me and Paige while I get her ready. I then pack her bag. Paige and Mark leave at 7:45am. He drops her off at nursery before work because it's literally across the road.

Then mine and Parkers morning begins. I will change his nappy and get him dressed, then he plays in Paige's room while I have a shower. He would play in his room but Paige's is bigger and has a baby gate. By 8am I'm normally showered and dressed. We then go downstairs. Parker has a constant feeding and nap schedule so he has his first bottle (technically second if you count the 1/2am feed.) After he is fed I tidy the kitchen, get some washing on and make myself a cuppa if Mark didn't have time. We will then play until 8:30/ 9am and then eat breakfast. I normally have cereal and Parker will have toast and fruit. I then check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and my emails. I'll clean up the breakfast things and then will play some more. Parker is really good at playing with himself. Our living room and kitchen is open plan so he pretty much follows me and watch while I clean up or put the washer on. The washer will finish and I'll put things to dry. I'll normally hoover at this time too. Mark comes home at 10am so I'll make him a drink and something to eat, he never eats breakfast. Parker will sometimes go down for his nap before 10am depending how tired he is but I normally try leave him until after 10am so Mark can see him. He will then sleep until 11:30am. While Parker sleeps I'll do more washing if it needs doing, clean the kitchen/bathroom if I need to, dust... blah blah blah. You get the idea. I have a cleaning schedule that I follow but I try to get as much done as I can while Paige is at nursery and Parker is sleeping. This is also when I blog or take/edit pictures. When Parker wakes up he has another bottle then I will start making lunch. Mark and Paige are normally home at 12:35/12:40. I will have Marks lunch ready. Me and Parker will have finished ours. Paige gets lunch at nursery but nearly always has something else, even if its a little snack like bead sticks and cheese.

When Paige isn't at nursery our day is pretty much the same, I just have an extra child to look after and entertain. When Parker goes down in the morning I will set Paige an activity to do if I have cleaning to do. She will sometimes help me or watch. I rarely have lots of cleaning on the days she is home all day as like I said before I try to get it all done while she is at nursery. 

Technically our morning and early afternoon routine but oh well. The rest of the afternoon we play. We will go to the park if it's nice or friends will come round. I normally fold washing at this time too. Both kids will come upstairs and help. Parker will go down for another nap around 2:30/3pm. During that time me and Paige will do something that we can't do as easily when Parker is awake. Normally play-doh, crafts or painting. Mark is home at 4:15pm Monday-Thursday and our late afternoon/evening routine starts which I will do a separate post on.

I think I've covered everything. If you want to see a day in the life please let me know.

Nicola Xx



  1. I love these kind of posts Nic cause I am so nosey- you should definitely film a video! x

  2. I'm impressed how much housework Parker lets you do! Haha, Aria isn't too goo at playing by herself at the moment so leaving her isn't possible, and she's terrified of the Hoover!

    And I'd love to see a video! :)

    Nicola xx

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