Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Parker and The Essential One

Back in January Parker was picked to be part of The Essential One photoshoot for the new spring collection.

I was a lovely day and I love the pictures. There were 2 other baby boys at the shoot with us. It was lovely to have a little peek at the spring collection before it was released.

Parker was really good on the day and did well. The first shot of him was a gorgeous snow suit. He was smiling away for the camera. The next few outfits he did cry and some of the pictures you can tell he wasn't too happy. He wanted to sit up and not lay down. He would even roll and try crawling away. He had just started army crawling then so all he wanted to do was practise. The other boys couldn't yet crawl and were super stars too but they cried a little as well.  I imagine it was scary for such small babies.

The team were lovely and even let Parker have a little nap. After his nap he was a super star. Smiling away again wile the other boys were getting tired and  started crying a little. He did quite a few shots on his own at this time.

A couple of weeks after the shoot we got sent a picture at the top of this post and I love it! There is also a super cute video of the day.. See if you can spot me and Parker HERE.

We also got a voucher for taking part so I thought I'd show you what I got for Parker.

I just had to pick up a couple of my favourite things that Parker wore on the shoot. I love The Essential One sleepsuits. They are the softest I've ever felt and are gorgeous. First up I got the 3 pack unisex stripe set. I got al of them in 12-18m. They won't fit Parker yet but it won't be long and then he will get a lot of wear out of them. The amazing quality also means that we can save them for if we have anymore children.

I got this next sleepsuit purely because I knew Mark would love it. This wasn't a new one for spring but I just couldn't resist. Its a gorgeous blue and white strip pattern with Future England Captain written on the front. Mark is football obsessed so adores it.

Last up was another 3 pack. The unisex bright set. Parker wore the red stripes and I loved it so much I knew I had to get the set. Again these are super soft and because they are unisex we will be able to save them for future babies.

I love all the items and can't wait for Parker to fit them. If you haven't already checked out The Essential One then please do. There clothes are adorable and of course you will see many more pictures of Parker.
Have you shopped at The Essential One?
Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer - The clothes were purchased with a voucher from The Essential One which we were given as a thank you for taking part in the photoshoot. I wasn't asked to write this post. I did because I genuinely love the company and the clothes*


  1. Lovely photos and great picks. I love all the little details and colours x

  2. Oh he is just the cutest - perfect model! x

  3. Such cute photos! I hadn't heard of The Essential One but I think I'm going to have to place an order. It all looks so lovely.


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