Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sick Days

It's a common part of growing up. We all get sick every once in a while. With Paige at nursery she is picking up colds every month or so. We are currently in the middle of this last one. This one includes a delightful cough.

It's nearly impossible when you have more than one children for the other one to not catch the bug off the other. Then mummy and daddy catch it too and it takes you all out for a week. Add into that a teething baby and it isn't much fun. Sleep is the one thing you really need but just can't get enough of.

On days when we're all sick it's all about survival for me. It's all about snuggles and getting better. The house is messier than usual, the kids watch more TV than I'd like and I eat far too much comfort food. But I also get more sleepy cuddles and more time to just enjoy the moment.


And it doesn't last forever. We will all get over the coughs and colds and things will return to normal. I'll wish that the kids would cuddle me for that little bit longer, I'll wish I could get away with eating the extra biscuit and we will eventually get some sleep. Hopefully.

For now I'm enjoying the sleepy cuddles and (snotty) kisses.

I'll keep the tissues at the ready and the dishes can wait because I'll never get these days back.

Nicola Xx


  1. Aww! Bless them....I hope they are both feeling better soon x

  2. Oh poor little things! We have had spates since LP started nursery where they have seemed to be sick for months at a time, one or the other. Paige looks so poorly in that first photo :( x

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