Monday, 9 March 2015

The Most Terrifying Day

It was a normal Saturday. We got up, had breakfast, played and cleaned. Parker went down for his nap. After Parker's nap we all got ready and went out. First stop was Tesco to get Parker some new joggers. We then had to call at B&Q for a brush and gardening gloves. What happened next changed our whole day.

We found the gloves and Paige was super excited because she had her very own pair. She was walking.... quickly. It wasn't quite a run but was almost there. Both me and Mark told her to walk normally on separate occasions but like many toddlers she didn't want to listen. Moments later she fell over, she turned the corner and wasn't concentrating. She landed on her hands, got up and was hurt but ok. She was crying so I picked her up to see if she was ok. She started wiggling and trying to get away but I wanted to check her over to make sure she was ok. I passed her to Mark so that he could hold her while I looked at her. Plus he's stronger than me  and Paige is a big girl. She weighs over 2 and a half stone which for me to lift is a lot, especially when she is wiggling.

Seconds after she was passed to Mark we knew something wasn't right. Her eyes rolled and she passed out. The next second she went completely stiff and started shaking. All while Mark was still holding her. In that very second we both froze. What the hell was happening to our little girl. Mark held her and I shouted for help. In the middle of B&Q. I ran to find someone, anyone. I didn't care who I just knew my baby girl needed help. I found a member of staff and told him we needed a first aider. He went to get one as I quickly explained what had happened. After what felt like forever one arrived. Mark had followed me and was still holding Paige. By this point she had come back round and was cuddling him. She was as white a sheet.

I was crying my eyes out so the first aider thought I had hurt myself. We explained what happened and she went to look at Paige. Paige was now sat on Mark and talking. She had a Peppa Pig jumper on so they were asking her questions about Peppa. The staff were so lovely and very helpful. In the end we had around 4 members with us making sure Paige was ok. She was only out of it and having the seizure for seconds - 10/20 maybe.

We filled out the paperwork and chatted for a little while. Paige didn't hit her head when she fell so we knew that didn't cause it. Apparently it can be pretty common. They said we could take her to A&E if we wanted to get her checked over again or we could just keep a close eye on her. The colour in her face came back, she was smiling and even laughing less than 5 minutes later so we decided that the best thing to do was to take her home, let her rest and just keep an eye on her. We live a couple of minutes from the hospital so if anything had happened we could rush her straight over.

This was her a couple of hours later... running around and playing in the garden.

Children are such amazing little creatures. They bounce back at an incredible rate. Me on the other hand was still crying hours after.

In that moment I was so scared. I froze with fear. It's a parents worst nightmare for anything to happen to your child. I am so thankful that Mark was holding her. She may have fallen as she fainted and hurt herself badly. I'm thankful that she recovered so quickly.

Luckily she is still so young and didn't have a clue what happened. Parker was in his buggy and didn't have a clue what was going on. He was busy chatting all the ladies up.

Nicola Xx


  1. Oh my gosh how scary for you! Glad she is ok now. Did the first aiders say of any possible causes or just one of those things??

    1. Thank you. Just one of those things. They normally grow out of it x

  2. This brings tears to my eyes just reading it, how utterly terrifying for you! I'm glad she's ok, it's amazing how quickly children get over things isn't it.

  3. Oh lovely you must have been utterly terrified- I know I would have been. I am so glad Paige was ok, how strange for it to have happened. Lots of hugs to you all. xx

  4. My heart was in my mouth reading this. That's so scary. I'm glad Paige was OK.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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